How's your depression?


feel like if I found a way to feel better I would be a completely different person so it wouldn’t be me reaping the benefit


There is a viewpoint that states that some forms of mental illness (usually common disorders such as anxiety and depression) are almost endemic due to the way society is going, a “sane reaction to an insane world” is how I’ve often seen it expressed.

As I’m moving into mental health as a field of work, it is frustrating to not see this acknowledged in any way. But I guess that’s a product of gradually reducing stigma…if we’re finally coming to accept depression et al. as illnesses it would be remiss of me to say “actually…maybe they’ve just got the world figured out and are reacting accordingly”.

I don’t know if there’s much point to this ramble…just that how we get happiness out of life has changed…and I don’t think those who are suffering should feel guilty or different for struggling.


Expect a couple of days of fog and perhaps some nausea if you’re unlucky. You should level out pretty quickly, and from then on you shouldn’t experience too many side effects. Expect it to take a while (few weeks to a month?) before you start feeling better, but personally I’ve always found it a very effective medication.


Well, without stating the obvious it varies widely for different people. I started on Sertaline and it the side effects were so awful I ended up in A&E - I know people who live by it but also Citalopram.

I’m having a shit patch again and not looking after myself properly. Feel like I take too much on in social / private life and not enough time to just relax.


yeah - it seems to vary so much person to person.

I’m taking Sertaline, and I didn’t even get bad side effects in the 1st week like some people do

seems to be a good fit for me


Tbf I was prescribed Sertraline first. Then Fluoxetine. Citalopram is my third attempt.

As others have said they all work differently with different people. I just wanted to hear of any problems I should keep an eye out for really.

Hope you’re doing ok man. Sounds like you’re going through a rough time.


I gave up on that years ago and felt so much better for doing so. Its a slog and a journey something that has to be managed. There is no magical fix. Improvements are incremental and take time.

But im sure there is a point that you can get to where you can find some contentment and peace. No maybe things wont be perfect and you will still have some bad days. But just a point that you are able to stop yourself feom things spiraling out of control.

I certainly look back to my teenage years and am comforted by how much better I am at dealing with this shit then I was then. Despite having some bad set backs in the past year or so. I mean I love myself and care about my wellbeing that certainly was not always the case


glad to hear it :slight_smile:


Not great


Sounds like stress/nervous exhaustion there friend. You should get to your GP and tell them how you’re feeling, maybe take some leave/sick and get yourself straightened out? Are you having any morbid thoughts or thinking of hurting yourself or is it more the intense worrying?


Get a job to pay off your debt accrued during an episode where you ran away to Japan, get episodes where you want to run away to Japan because of your job :frowning:


just really don’t want to live anymore


Pretty rampant - approaching 5, maybe 6 years since I was diagnosed now and although there are peaks and troughs, I genuinely cannot recall the last time I woke up feeling refreshed, light of heart - I can’t remember the last time I smiled and truly felt a degree of happiness.

Perhaps today I’m feeling this less than some, and the good weather undoubtedly helps, but each day remains a monumental struggle from the moment I awaken to the moment my eyes finally close.

My sleep pattern is totally shot to buggery - either falling asleep at 7.30/8.00 and going through until the alarm, or remaining awake and churning things over ad-nauseum until an hour before it’s time to get up.

I’ve learned over the years to take any uplift in mood as a positive and try and run with it, however those regular times where a physical wave of despair hits me and all I want to do is to curl up in a ball, roll down a hill into the sea and be carried away to a place far far away still scare me witless…

After just returning to the boards after a long hiatus of many years, this is a pretty great thread. One of the biggest comforts I’ve found is being able to share experiences of depression with people who really understand what it’s like and don’t just pay lip-service / tell you to keep your chin up. Not that I blame other people who haven’t been touched by depression or anxiety because I truly think that without experiencing it, it’s enormously tough to know just how debilitating, isolating and lonesome the illness can be.


hey bam, when was the last time you spoke to a doctor about the trouble you’re having?


glad you’re appreciating this thread

feel free to reveal your old username but don’t worry if you’d rather not!


I used to be he_tu_

and hendonturnstile26

and various variations after each birthday for a couple of years :slight_smile:


probably nearly 10 years ago


you’ve clearly been having a very hard time for ages, is there anything that would restrict you from getting an appointment?


Shite. I feel another year has gone by where all my friends and peers are doing better than me but I’m wasting my time/life. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be aiming for, what I’m doing wrong, if it’s my attitude or I’m just good enough, but I feel utterly hopelessly lost whether it’s in the UK or Germany or wherever. I feel useless.


fuckin teeterin’.