How's your depression?


Yeah, I’m not sure I’ve ever successfully given myself a pat on the back for struggling through a down day either but it definitely sounds like a good idea…



what was the audiobook?


The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson.

Better than it sounds. And not solely about not giving a fuck.


cool, will have a look


Seems to have turned a bit of a corner.

Still very down about a few personal things (financial, friendships, underlying family issues, health issues, my cat), but a lot of pressure has eased for the time being at work which has helped (although it’s about to ramp up again) and I’ve completed a house move which was a weight off my shoulders.

Very glad to be up a bit though (due to work but also a bit more time with some close friends recently, along with getting a few gigs in and doing the recording which has all been positive). Earlier this year I was close to where I was 2 years ago which was a very dark place indeed

CW severe depression

Where I used my crohn’s to hide an attempt which left me in hospital and I only just told someone for the first time more recently and I think getting that off my chest also kind of helped.

Really grateful for this place, and I’m so sorry to hear some of you are really struggling. I know I’m closer to some of you more than others but no matter who or what I’m always happy to listen or help and support any way I can.


glad you are doing better, you seem like a really nice dude, everyone on here thinks you are great anyway!


Thanks so much - it’s really appreciated. I am feeling a lot better, especially the last few days, hopefully it lasts.

Not sure about this one though :wink:


what’s the point in me carrying on really?


Worst day in a long time. Woke up feeling pretty bad as I had a doctor’s appointment the other day who wanted my ears checked and didn’t want to put me on beta blockers (asthma) or Benzos (addiction).

So i went to the interview the next day got there on time then circled the building a few times to shy to walk up to reception then walked back home. Feel like such a coward. I then at home just lied on the floor for a few hours talking to myself and realising that the worst most self defeating part of me is back. Then i went to the pub spilt beer on my computer so am now drinking alone.

Will have shrooms with my girlfriend tommorow hopefully that will cheer me up


sorry you’ve had such a shit day, interviews can be way too much. good luck for tomorrow and stay safe x


Wouldn’t say I’m depressed just now but I’m having a weird moment/feeling that I need to make some life changes because I’ve got stuck in a bad routine where I’m not being very good to myself and it’s probably tied up in anxiety over this upcoming move…

I’ll finally start CBT on Monday so who knows, hopefully it will be a step


A lot of the symptoms you describe here are how I feel at the mo. Been struggling with anxiety for a while now so I really need to go to the dr about it. This has definitely encouraged me x


good luck xxx


thanks love, you’re one of the best <3


so are you dude xxxxxx


it sounds like you’re coping really well. we’re here for you any time xx


Moved in with a mate and it’s really awesome. Bit of company, talk about rubbish and eat banana flakes rather than just lie in bed if I’m miserable. I’ve never got lonely but its good to have to get dressed and get a shower and do stuff because someone will think you’re an idiot if not.

He’s got a loads of friends who just turn up and its good to have interaction forced on me, I think.


you have sounded noticeably happier on here lately :slight_smile:


So citalopram didn’t do much at 10mg other than give me 2 or 3 days of extreme anxiety followed by nothing and 20mg hasn’t done much other than give me 2 or 3 days of slightly less extreme anxiety followed by nothing. My doctor rather nicely phrased it as me “failing” at sertraline and flueoxetine already and now I can’t stop thinking of it in those terms. After failing at citalopram how many more drugs can I fail on before I just have to accept I’m a failure?


that’s really cool man. good for you.