How's your depression?


really sorry to hear this treatment hasn’t worked for you and hope your doctor comes up with something better than that really terrible phrase.


Thanks. I never seem to be able to see the same doctor twice at my surgery so hopefully that’s the last I’ve seen of him.


Can’t believe there are still medical professionals still using phraseology like that when dealing with someone with mental health issues. I don’t even like the term “treatment resistive” but it’s better saying someone is “failing”.

I haven’t got the figures but you’re certainly not alone in finding several courses of antidepressants unhelpful in the first place. Though I do think your doctor should try to be a little more creative if you’ve just has SSRI’s so far (especially given the sceptism over the serotonin theory of depression and it’s links to the pharmaceutical industry), so perhaps an SNRI might be an option. GPs aren’t always the experts in these things and it doesn’t hurt to look into a little yourself :). In that vein there’s nothing wrong with suggesting a therapy (most likely CBT) referral, sometimes it helps to push for your cause. The waiting lists are fairly lengthy at present but it’s a much more empowering way to deal with your health than medication.


Unbearably lonely. Yes, I get how pathetic that sounds. The problem (apart from being terrible at making friends) is that “chat” is painful for me. Usually even when about something I’m interested in. Basically I liked discussing politics and religion and study-related things through the night (ideally with alcohol), which is a social life only possible at university.

It’s been just over two years since I left university, and I have not had anything resembling a friend in that time. I guess the obvious answer is to move to a city, but I was in York for a year of that time and it wasn’t any different at all.

Trying to read more literature, which helps ease the loneliness whilst reading, but then it comes back even stronger when I’ve finished so probably not wise.

Should probably start posting on DiS more, but on the rare occasion I feel I have something worth saying, it’s usually something likely to be misinterpreted and/or jumped on.


I think people have mellowed out a lot on here really so I don’t think you’d need to worry about people arguing with you, you should post more :slight_smile:

Look after yourself, it’s very draining being lonely, I feel I am in a similar situation. I just listen to podcasts all the time to feel like I have a social life, helps me anyway!

Take care


I definitely need to be more pro-active in my visits. I’ve been far too “doctors know best” about it all. Especially as I’ve with 3 different doctors surgeries over the course I’ve my treatment and rarely seen the same GP twice. I’ve tried talking therapy but haven’t been offered CBT as yet - I think you’re right and I need to bring this up and look into SNRI’s if I want to start moving forward again.


yeah post on DiS more!


just don’t see a good reason to want to carry on living, best case scenario is that I have a heart attack or something, given family history there’s a strong chance so just have to wait it out a little longer.


Have you tried that website?there might be people who want to discuss your interests over drinks nearby. I’ve been to a few and despite my difficulties with social interaction they went quite well


all the positive advice you’ve given others in this thread: try read it back, as being you talking to yourself


Just to second this @PocketMouse - the tone of DiS on the whole has got far better in the last year or two. I think people are far more likely to call each other when things start to get nasty. It’s still got some way to go, but the fact that threads like this exist now speaks volumes for how far it’s come since some of the bullying you used to experience.


really bad

does anyone have experience of Seroquel to treat depression? doctor suggested it but i’m very wary of it. it’d be a lowish dose

i feel like i’ve kind of given up on life a little bit, not in a ‘i’m thinking of ending it’ sense, just there’s a really profound sense of futility. for months now

i’ve always felt really insecure/inadequate/hopeless but it’s really been amped up by circumstances. have made some horrendous mistakes and feel like i can’t look people in the eye anymore

was doing CBT sessions but felt like i wasn’t getting anywhere and kind of stopped going without telling her (she was a nice lady) so i feel guilty about that and seeing that it’s maybe the 6th therapist i’ve got (ultimately) nowhere with it’s all very hopeless.

also i’ve turned into an absolute prick to be around, for the very few people who are in contact with me. there’s an agitation/anger probably coming from knowing i’ve messed up my life.


See love life thread. The whole breakdown I had at the end of last year really spooked her, I think. She’s seen me get down before but never that bad. I think it’s playing a big part in our current trouble. Think maybe the drama has burned her out and I don’t blame her. This is making me feel shit which is feeding into the relationship which is making me feel worse. Honestly wish I could just fuck off somewhere for a month to clear the cobwebs.


it is a lot nicer on here and there are fewer people who follow certain posters around the boards or make horrible comments. also I’ve got your back and will fight anyone who is ever mean to you :wink:




lifted a serious malaise over the weekend. dad still awfully ill but no longer in as much pain and seems borderline chipper. he’s basically at that SON? COME INTO THE LIGHT SON. kind of point now - but he’s in a nice hospice.

worrying about him has been dogging me for months. thinking about mortality daily isn’t good for the heart at all i don’t think and i’ve been irritable, unorganised and snappy with people as a result. but trying to rally. finally able to feel grateful for all the good things again


what’s up duck?


I don’t know :frowning:


Think I’m really struggling now. I was 4 weeks sober, but relapsed Tuesday. It’s also left me woefully short of alternative coping mechanisms for stress/depression (I don’t know what it is)…having not really developed any over the past 6 years or so. I’ve tried to warn my substance misuse team that I thought I needed more focus on underlying causes rather the practical “step-by-step” group stuff, but without success so far (I’ve not had the conviction to properly argue my case). There is the self-referral option but I’ll be moving area in a month or so, and don’t want to get into something in depth an then abandon it. Even then, the likelihood is that I’d be waiting several months anyway.

In the meantime I’ll just have to plough on, but I’m getting worse at it. Having suicidal thoughts almost every day now, but even though I have absolutely no intention of following it through, I can’t get them out of mind (it’s like i’m trying to “explore” what it would feel like). Absolutely shattered because fighting the cravings takes up so much energy…but I have to in order to receive help in the future for the real issues. Otherwise I’ll just end up in a detox cycle, which would be awful.


I can relate a lot to these experiences. It’s really tough going. Also really shit the way that services are so strictly tied to catchment areas because yeah - moving can really mess things up.

Maybe once you’ve moved, or even in the week before, it would be good to refer yourself to what’s available? In the meantime, hang in there. If you get an opportunity to have a treat or do something that you enjoy, no matter how slight, then go for it.

I hope you have a good weekend mate.