How's your depression?


Well I mean the music industry’s quite obviously fucked and without a live presence it probably won’t unfortunately (but you definitely should try making that happen, because you’re brill and everyone who listens to your tunes love them). As it is though you’ve made some great finished pieces and that’s something to be very proud of in and of itself.


Kind of want to gouge my brain out


thanks, I try to believe that it’s all been worthwhile regardless :slight_smile:


Do you know anyone who could drum for you nearby? (Ideally obviously a bassist and keys too but start from the ground up). Get on the road man.


I don’t drive so live stuff is probably never going to happen. Just have to hope that I can do at least 3 albums a year and build some momentum.


Ah it does make it harder but not impossible. Find someone to drum who can drive! :smiley:


I’m sorry to post this in here but:

I feel a very significant increase in my baseline level of happiness and contentment since I stopped eating shit all the time and drinking often, used to feel very anxious and fidgety most of the day which is very distracting but now I can feel moments of contentment and relaxation.

Really would recommend anyone who is struggling to get out of a rut or scared to make any huge lifestyle changes/commitments to medication to try and have a look at their diet and see if there’s anything they can do easily there.

I know this will not work for everybody but it’s something I really didn’t consider for a long time and wish I had earlier.

Peace and love x


Glad to hear you’re feeling better mate. Keep at it : )


Thanks :slight_smile: small steps.
Hope you are also on top of things?


Doing okay thanks - some things have been difficult the past month or so and I’ve felt a bit demotivated to do stuff, hence posting on the forums a little less.

After this month (I’m really busy) I’m going to try and dedicate more time to myself and work on some things, relax a bit more.


Cool! Anything fun in the offing? Are you an artist?


Never really post in here cuz I like to keep everything repressed and that, but feeling really weirdly emotional, lonely and sad tonight.

Fuck :frowning:



Dis loves you profk, don’t ever doubt it!

Wanna talk about it?


Kind of just feel as though my life is constant total war and I’m struggling to keep up with it all. Desperately want to leave my job, really tired of being single, but just don’t have the emotional energy to do anything about it.

Burst into tears earlier for like no reason, for the first time in fuck knows how long. Probably will feel a bit better tomorrow I guess.

Cheers man. @Bamnan


Yeah I do some music stuff. Very early days but a small label I’ve done some stuff with are interested in releasing more, so that’s given me something to work towards!


oh that’s awesome, well done!

Please let us know when it happens so we can buy


sounds healthy, what specifically do you wanna do?


Back on SSRIs (sertraline) after a 3 second appointment with a (not ‘my’) GP.

Also asked for referral for CBT which I think would/will be great, but feel like I need something to tide me over in the meantime. Only took my first one this morning and feeling pretty weird already—most likely psychosomatic as I was fairly symptomless last time around.

Feels like the right choice given how weird and basically unpleasant my life has felt since stopping taking them, but I do have nagging feelings/thoughts that I’m “giving up” or buying into the nonsense pharmaceutical-industrial complex or etc. etc.

Fuck it—I want to feel better!


feeling really bad today


what’s up? Can we help?