How's your depression?


Could be a side effect of the medication you are on?

Maybe book an appointment with your gp when you are feeling up to it.

Glad you feel better now though, that's the main thing :slight_smile:


You have plenty of worth irrespective of the job.

Life finds a way and so will you, try not to worry too much :slight_smile:

You can always come here for support and encouragement anyway so hopefully that helps.

Let us know how you got on either way, we are rooting for you!

(Sorry I didn't reply earlier)


Hope you're well, mate. I'm struggling myself and find solace dipping into these threads now and again. This post particularly struck a chord. From a personal point of view, something...seems to crash into me every few months and it's bleak and hard to really deal with...then it's not there and everything feels bright and boundless. A throwaway conversation about a band, or a film or Hendon winning, idk, it kind of makes me peak, and during those times can make a day. It's good that we can all share these things, and it's properly good that you're around again.


Gonna buy one of them fidget things


just wanted to say that I'm doing a little better these days (I know some of it is living in denial/a bubble but whatever) not to gloat or anything and I still have bad days but just, there's hope for anyone that things can improve if you stick it out for a while. I was in such a bad place 6 months ago, no joy at all, now I kind of feel some respect for myself again.

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive to me and others in this thread :slight_smile:




Really pleased to hear this :pray:


That sucks, has it gotten better since this was posted?


Yeah, I think so, thanks JazzBaz. I'm very, very bad at working out in my mind whether I have a legitimate reason for feeling blue or not and I'm still in that mind-frame where I can tell that I'll read into the smallest little thing at the drop of a hat but I'm sleeping better at least :slight_smile:


Pleased to hear you're feeling a little better, Ant :slight_smile:

Honestly, if you're feeling blue, I think often it's best just to let it be rather than put pressure on to try and work out whether or not you should be. If you are, then there's a legitimate reason somewhere, even if you can't put your finger on what it is.

That said, sleeping well can make a heck of a difference to this kind of thing as well.

Thanks to @Bamnan and @bugduv for your posts yesterday, btw. Still feeling really mentally fragile (especially as my boss is currently sifting through CVs sat next to me!) but we'll get there.


I'm a bit fed up as I thought the medication I've been on since about February was really helping - but since Wednesday I've had bad anxiety back with a vengance. It's been triggered by some work stuff I think. Feels like a set-back.


This is excellent advice, thanks.

I think my issue is with working through whether the reason is valid in and of itself rather than identifying the cause. I'm fully aware that I'm prone to being quite sensitive about things so most of the time it boils down to me trying to establish if I'm reading too much into something/being overly sensitive about a thing as opposed to trying to figure out what the thing itself is.

Like you said though, I need to be more comfortable with just allowing myself to react the way I'm wired to. It's the constant internalised over-analysis which is the killer though. I end up having fictional conversations with people in my own mind about whatever it is which is just absurdly unhelpful and I really wish I had some way to stop myself from doing it.


Oh mate, you have no idea how much what you've just written applies to myself as well.

Knowing what you should do / how you should react is the easy part. Applying it is an absolute bitch.


Yup. I have spells where I'm able to just tell myself that I'm angry/upset/down about something that I've essentially made up myself but it's those small moments where the internalised-fiction finds some small real-life thing to grasp onto which kill the whole process innit.


I don't think the hypnotherapy part of my counseling is a good fit for me. I spent the whole time thinking "LOL I AM BEING HYPNOTISED" instead of focusing on the exercise.


It’s the last day of my second bout of CBT tomorrow. I can’t say I feel much better but I’m glad I did it, the therapist is great and I don’t know how she puts up with me. It’s the big set backs as a result of what should be trivial events is a bit of a struggle.


Not feeling as down today as I have been, which is nice, but I can’t think of a single thing that I’d like to experience in life and all there is to come is loss. Swings and roundabouts.


You’ll find love and happiness in time :slight_smile: stay strong x


well done mate. i know what you mean about the big set backs, i went in to a session once after a set-back and was pretty much unreachable. just sat there trying not to cry. think i fell off and stopped going after that. it can be so disheartening when you feel like you’ve been making progress.


thought I’d share this list of self-help books for a range of different conditions and approaches. not sure how easy it is to get a hold of most of these but they’ve been recommended by therapists and might be a good starting point. If anyone is having trouble finding one, let me know and I’ll try to help.