How's your depression?


they might be on the asd spectrum, small talk can be difficult/uncomfortable


I’ve never been able to cope with this.

even if I hadn’t had to endure four years in retail, it’d be something that made me very uncomfortable.

being someone that spends most of my time agonising about my mental health, which is made worse by the way my mental health affects my ability to think straight, all compounded by my social anxiety, when I’m asked this kind of question, it’s like torture.

all I want is to feel like I can just open up about how I’m suffering, but this kind of greeting is like someone offering a much-needed hug, only to shrink away when you go in for it.


stopped taking my meds, cold turkey. inevitably, whilst I’ve been out shopping, I’ve started feeling anxious and sick.

same think happened as last time; I forgot to take my pill one day, then felt pretty great, and was so desperate to feel anything at all, plus feeling awful because of the other side-effects and longing to be free of them (I’ve had little to no energy and have been finding it hard not to just stay in bed all day), that I just carried on not taking them for a few days. bad idea :disappointed:


Hi everyone. I’ve been feeling low for some months now but some personal issues have sparked something worse this weekend. I really feel like I am at rock bottom and honestly don’t know how I’ll be able to function and do things like go to work tomorrow. Any advice on how to get over this bump?


I did this when I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2008, went off the medication and it felt weird for a while but eventually it was ok! Our physical bodies are resilient things and the physical symptoms will wear off after a while. What were you taking?


40 mg Citalopram. I was feeling even worse last night; I had the awful tension I get when I’m suffering with anxiety, all across my chest and my shoulders. plus, my breathing was tight. it was completely unbearable :disappointed:

I don’t know how much of it was withdrawal symptoms or how much was just my anxiety coming back all at once. :confused:

I did this with Venlaxfaxine, I was on 75mg and just dropped one day. that was a very different experience, though.


Sorry to hear you hit a major roadblock over the weekend - that is never a nice thing to happen, especially when you’re already feeling low.

It’s quite difficult to give advice as I think each person has different coping mechanisms and deal with times like these in a different way. Personally, I would try and give myself as much space as I could to think and allow myself to feel whatever it is I’m feeling, not try and supress the feelings / guilt myself into thinking it’s wrong and, if anyone asked me how I was doing on a one-on-one basis, try and at least be as honest as I can with them that, you know what, things are pretty shit. It may lead to a bigger conversation where they’re prepared to listen, it may not… but especially in a work-based environment I’ve found that this kind of approach can be useful, especially in building some level of understanding from colleagues.

Whatever you ended up doing today, I hope you manage to get through the day without things snowballing and getting any worse, and I hope the personal situation can be resolved / righted in some way soon. Easier said than done, I know.

Take care, be kind to yourself.


That sounds rough, hopefully it eases off soon! GPs are usually able to help with stuff like this over the phone so it might be worth double checking with them!


Interesting you talk about Venlafaxine. That fucked with me massively and when I would forget a dose, the following day when I took it, I would literally be crippled with dizziness and sickness. One time dropping my daughter at school I had to crawl to the nature area outside her classroom to be sick because I couldn’t walk. Once I’d done that, I was okay. Happened again when driving, on the entry slip road of J19 of the M25.

That doesn’t even begin to talk about the other effects I had when going onto it.

But yeah, take it easy, man.


Hi long time lurker first time poster.
Is there such a thing as being in denial about depression? I default to thinking that I’m just lazy and can’t be arsed to do anything constructive and that I flirt with the idea of depression just to give myself an excuse.


I think so. Pretty sure was in denial for years. I’d known people who suffered from mental health issues to the point where they couldn’t function and I was always scraping by so it seemed ridiculous to put myself in the same bracket. And I was always wary of using it as a crutch - if I could use depression as an excuse to not do things I probably would. I didn’t trust myself not to.

It might be overly simplistic but I reckon if you ever find yourself thinking, “I need help” you’re probably right.


Just posted this on my facebook and feel it may be applicable here

That feeling when you think you’ve finally gotten over/beaten something only to have the rug pulled from out beneath you. In short, if I’ve been a bit weird the past week or two at any point, I apologize, I’ve been going through emotional and mental turmoil for no real reason at all and this morning it finally got the better of me and lead to me breaking down in tears at my desk, in front of a confused and concerned looking old lady on the bus, and when I was buying a coke. I’m fine, I’ll beat it, just need to speak to me doctor peeps tomorrow and hope for the best. Thought it would be easier to say it here in public than explain to all of you individually.


don’t think you have been off with anyone from what I’ve seen so no worries!

Hope you feel better soon x


exactly this. I have sought help in the past, seen a counsellor and that, and although obviously no-one has ever said this to me I can’t help thinking that whoever I talk to about it is thinking the same thing - that I don’t really have a problem.


My homework for this week is to make a clay effigy of the boss who bullied me, and smash it into pieces.

Counselling is awesome.


Just want to say that I think all of you in here who are able to talk about your mental health are pretty damn awesome and I wish I was capable of doing the same. This very much rings true for me.

I’m doing pretty well at the moment (recent holiday, good weather and the election all probably contributing to my mood), but 99% sure I’ve got undiagnosed mild depression as well as various anxiety issues, but both a feeling that what I experience is nothing like what “real” depression is and an unwillingness to open up emotionally anyway make it quite difficult to address properly when it does hit.


I keep trying to remember that saying you’re suffering from mild depression doesn’t diminish those who suffer from serious mental health problems in any way. Any more than saying you’ve got a dodgy knee diminishes the suffering of who’s lost use of their legs (not the best analogy but you get the idea). Mental health isn’t a binary thing. But it’s not easy to keep that in mind.


Doctor wants to bring me off fluoxetine.

I’m pretty nervous about it tbh.


How do people cope with having a small set back?
I have largely been doing ok and been pretty happy and just living life but I had an episode yesterday where i do what i normally do where something relatively minor happens (a minor domestic) and I just spiral and end up in a hole of like i’m not worth anything/i’m fucked up/i hate myself etc etc

I know it was just one evening and I should just move on today but I get so fixated on it and I can’t get over it for a week or so and just end up feeling low which leads to more episodes like that.


hmm I’m feeling similar at the moment and wish I had some good advice for you.

Just try and say “wait and see how you feel tomorrow” to yourself, sometimes trying to be vague and non-committal to my own mental state helps me put a distance between me and it and deep down I know that feelings end up changing.

Feeling a bit this way about my music at the moment - angry at myself for not being bothered to make anything but it’s too hot so I have to be patient with myself.

take care anyway :slight_smile: