How's your depression?


Yep, very similar for me too, but I still haven’t had a complete diagnosis. I’m not at all forceful enough when it comes to recounting mania, half because I’m ashamed, and half because I have an almost unconscious aversion to being understood by medical professionals - it’s a loss of control that I just can’t handle.


things are feeling pretty rubbish.

sorry guys


Hey Bam, things had been going pretty well for a while though I gather? Stay strong…you’re totally correct when you speak about the ebb and flow of our moods and mental states. You’ll fight back


cheers buddy.

I’ll be ok I’m just feeling a bit worthless. Going to take it easy tonight and do something fun


Something fun sounds good! And you’re absolutely not worthless xxx


Whats up Bam? Honestly can’t imagine dis without you.

What do you think is the funnest album?


bless you thanks!

I dunno, I’m struggling a bit with my music…it’s a bit shitty…and also I’m old now and running out of options for a happy future. Don’t worry though, I’m doing a lot better than many in this thread so don’t waste too much effort worrying on my account :slight_smile:

hmm that’s a good question, maybe Todd Terje’s Album Time or some silly stuff on earlier Farmer’s Market albums.


As others have said, you are far from worthless. Enjoy whatever you choose to do and take it easy on yourself.


thanks JB! Will keep telling myself this, and it will be fine


Sertraline has been so helpful! I still feel things and they’re not always positive, but I’m not falling into a black pit when I feel negative emotions, and I’m feeling lighter and happier generally speaking, and more sociable.


Me too - I have been on 50mg for 4 weeks now

Got a follow up at docs next week.

I am definitely having less instant bad thoughts about EVERY little thing which is great but still having some anxiety

I am wondering if I should ask to increase to 100mg or just carry on as i am (which is still an improvement)

I have been told I have Fibromyalgia which is annoying as my back is in constant dull pain… neck is tight… been trying so hard with meditation, daily stretching and some yoga poses to keep it tamed but it isn’t going away.

Signed up to a pilates class which I am starting next week and just reading books to keep my brain feeling good.

Its a constant battle but we just need to keep positive, try things and don’t give up.


I’ve got a friend who has fibro and it can be crippling at times, so I sympathise. A positive attitude is invaluable because your mental state can have a huge effect on it. That and recognising when to not push yourself too much. They also smoke a lot of weed! But that’s because they don’t like the after effects of painkillers. Hot baths and relaxation oils etc seem to help a lot too. Basically they found their own sweet spot of pain management, so I’m sure you will too.


Yes, thank you.

It’s annoying as we all like to be diagnosed with “something” so we can research into getting better…only thing is there is no real cure as such… its just managing it and looking after yourself. It is definitely a mental attitude thing though as when i am totally engrossed in something fun the pain just temporarily disappears as im not thinking about it - odd one.

Weed would be great but im 4 weeks smoke free after giving up cigs so smoking “anything” would be a bad idea


I’d probably suggest that you don’t go back to Germany given her wishes. I don’t think it would be beneficial for your relationship or your own personal mental health.


Yeah, it’s regrettably one of those long-term illnesses, but you seem to know what works for you, so that’s half the battle done right there.

Aw shit, well have the docs given you any pain relief?


wanna hear something hilarious?

i’m in the usa and have been receiving treatment here, which i’ve been paying for out of pocket. it’s been going really well and we seem to have found a medication (cariprazine, i’m using samples right now) which has been keeping me stable, not sending me to sleep at 8pm, and just generally making me feel like me again (that’s the goal, right???). anyway, i’m back to europe in a couple of weeks.

so: turns out (a) it’a not available in the eu yet and (b) it’s $1300 for 30 out of pocket. erghghghghghghghghghghghghghghgh.


did you get a complete diagnosis?

being diagnosed with bipolar disorder was the most relieving and horrible thing that has ever happened to me. relieving because when we went back through my life it could explain almost every single high and low since my early teens (with corresponding triggers, which i had never recognised). horrible because since, my life has been one long string of doctors, therapists, nurses, medication, therapy, blah blah blah. it’s been a battle to get the right treatment. and along with that, i do the slightest thing that’s out of character and everyone thinks i’m getting manic. oh, and the pretty much constant depression and anxiety sucks.

i don’t particularly want to post publicly about my last manic episode right now, but i lost a lot of friends, am pretty much estranged from my family, and ended up with me moving city and country.

if anyone is struggling with bipolar please feel free to message me. i am struggling too, and could do with a (bipolar) friend.


:frowning: that sounds really tough to deal with

No idea what the problem with my brain is, I try not to think about it or engage it too much…luckily I’m going through a good phase at the moment but I hope you find the help you need and there’s bound to be some knowledgeable folk on here who are going through something similar.


It had approval in the EU 3 months ago so NICE approval is hopefully on the way. You could ask your GP if there’s any clinical trials available using the drug - that is the easiest way to get hold of a drug that doesn’t have NICE approval yet.


that’s a good suggestion and worth looking into, thanks.

i’m not actually in the uk but perhaps there’s a similar thing where i’m resident.