How's your depression?


thanks bammers. good to hear you’re doing ok :slight_smile:


thanks matey! :slight_smile: there’s stuff in the background like always but I’m doing a decent job of keeping it at bay…sometimes that’s the best you can expect of yourself y’know?


Out of interest does anyone have any knowledge/experience of borderline? It seems to be the forgotten or lesser known sibling to bipolar.

I was reading some blog things on the time to change mental health site and it seems from people’s experiences it’s massively misunderstood and discriminated against (and a lot of the stories involved universities which is shocking). And I’ve heard similar things before.

Anyway I don’t often see it mentioned here so wondered if if anyone knew much about it.

Er, asking for a friend.


Personality disorders do have a huge burden of stigma attached to them. Perhaps more so than other mental illnesses. I guess people feel like it’s just something wrong with you fundamentally - as if the ‘soul’ is separate from the body! Professionals don’t seem as understanding about it either, though you wouldn’t think they’d have the same sorts of prejudices as people without any knowledge. It’s another area that’s gonna take a lot of time to adjust how it’s perceived.


my partner has bpd, so although i don’t have it myself, i’m pretty familiar/experienced with it and happy to chat if it’s useful? feel free to pm me if you want to :slight_smile:


bad thoughts


trying really hard to do something. trying, for example, to really get a handle on my various guitar pedals, so I can really use them effectively.

but an overwhelming sense of abjection is pulling me under. just sat in a corner of my room wasting away.


Bigger hugs


I’m going to see the psychiatrist to discuss the possibility of me being/having bipolar very soon so will check back in when I can 100% guarantee my suitability for bipolar friendship application


it’s such a shame that all you great and intelligent people are suffering with these problems :frowning:

I mean from an objective standpoint I’m a really rubbish failed human being so please karma let me take all of the bad thoughts and feelings instead!

I know already that I am just wasting time hanging around waiting 30-40 years to die so just give me all the bad shit instead yeah?


Hope you’re ok bro, good luck with your appointment and don’t be afraid to ask for a second or third opinion!!!


I was apparently diagnosed with this in the 90s although it wasn’t discussed with me at the time (or if it was, I wasn’t fit to receive the information). Only found out this year because a GP at my practice actually bothered to go and dig out my notes when I asked for help, rather than just prescribe me whatever generic antidepressant was flavour of the month. Was a bit of a surprise when he called me back after my appointment and said he couldn’t offer me anything as I’d need to see a consultant- I’d stopped engaging with mental health services and quit taking medication about 15 years ago- have managed since with only the occasional visit to a GP to ask for help when I’ve been particularly low (the outcome of these visits was always the same previously; given a prescription I didn’t want and told to book a future appointment which I didn’t bother with).

Looking back, I’m pretty sure I only had one significant episode that may have led to the diagnosis, but it coincided with me spending four weeks on a psychiatric unit, so the lovely consultant I was under at the time would have been all over it. Feel utterly aggrieved that a single instance (I think) resulted in the diagnosis, but I’m also mildly amused by the fact that it’s just sat there in my medical records ever since meaning precisely nothing.

Having met with a new consultant for the first time this week, we’re now in the process of looking at possible other explanations as to what causes me to be me. Hopefully this time we’ll find something that successfully addresses the problem…


Going to see a GP today to talk about meds, any tips?


make sure they talk you through any side effects/withdrawal and longer term treatment. just my experience, but I’ve seen loads of doctors that just want to palm you off with a pack of pills and get you out the door in 5 minutes.


absolutely ^this.


What profk said, and also try to be very clear about whether it’ll be a case of testing them out for a little while and checking back in, or whether they’re expecting you to be on them for a while, etc. — my doctor seemed confused and a bit peeved when I wanted to come off my meds, as if it were something I should just keep on doing because it’s easier that way.


Cool will do. It should be with my previous GP so they will know my history/have recommended before


Cool, I guess the only risk is I’m only a “temporary visitor” so I’ll need to go elsewhere if it’s not right


I am really struggling with the night sweats thing - not sure if this is related to Sertraline for sure or not but only started when I began taking it. I know it’s been warm but genuinely waking every morning with my entire bed completely soaked in sweat.


I have had night sweats with a few different meds, worst with venlafaxine but I have definitely experienced it with sertraline too… even though it is hot you can kind of tell it is a different kind of sweating, if that makes sense? Not very comfortable anyway, hopefully it is a side effect that fades over time for you.