How's your depression?


First here, I want to say that you all seem like really genuinely great people and it is a shame to see so many kind people suffering with these difficulties, I wish there was more help I could be.

I always feel so selfish talking about myself, but maybe venting a little here might help? Everything feels so impossible for me at the moment. Any potential solution to a problem either seems out of my control, something I am too inadequate to implement or else something that would only cause a different set of problems.
I feel like there is nothing that I really want for myself in life other than to be useful to the people I love, but it seems like I can’t even do that. Most of all I feel like a complete failure to my son, and that he deserves so much better than I can give him.
Right now I don’t feel like I can cope but not coping isn’t an option. My latest meds don’t seem to be helping but I am too scared to change again because the adjustment period is always hell. I am waiting for a therapy appointment but that is likely still months away. I am seeing someone from the mental health “first response team” next week (an appointment I was referred for a couple of months ago), but last time I saw them they just kept telling me there was nothing they could do…

I don’t expect any replies here, though if you have read this I would like to say I am very grateful, I guess the thought that I have shared something is a small bit of relief.


I’ve had this recently, and waking up early with a raised heartbeat. Need to make a trip to the docs for it


I’ve started being one of these people who google symptoms and become convinced I have whatever comes up. I now have leukemia and bone cancer.




I’ve had that with sertraline something awful. This is quite unpleasant, but it was also very vinegary sweat, so could tell it wasn’t natural for me, as whenever else I sweat I smell like roses and sunshine

It should fade after a month or so as your body adapts to the drug, I think!


All totally valid concerns, nothing selfish about worrying about that type of thing in the slightest.
I don’t have much helpful to add here, but if a proper conversation/to talk at someone would help, I’m free tomorrow—you can DM anytime/I can send you my number.


I get this a lot with Venlafaxine. There’s nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night and having to flip the pillow just for somewhere dry to lay your head is there?


Sweats are a possible known side effect of SSRIs, so could be caused by this. The side effects can settle in time, but if not then discuss this with your GP.

There’s no real difference in efficacy between the various anti-depressants, so the only factors for consideration when choosing which one should be how effective you find it, interactions with any other meds and side effects.


things are feeling really bleak :confused:


yo, if you’re still feeling low, PM me if you need, (if not, no worries).


Hi all.

About 3 months ago I split with my ex and things have got progressively worse since, culminating in a breakdown in early August which I’m still struggling to pull myself out of. After more than 4 years of resisting drugs I’m on Sertraline, and I’ve referred myself to the local Wellbeing Service who I’m seeing today. I’m doing all the right things, I think - regular exercise, massively cutting back on booze and caffeine, eating better, trying to keep myself busy without overdoing - but I’m finding everything such a struggle and I constantly feel like I’m on the edge of a panic attack. I really am trying to open up to friends and be vulnerable when I need to, but I just find it so difficult. I feel like I’ve become so conditioned to say “I’m okay” or “I’ll be okay” when asked how I am, perhaps because I feel like I need to be strong for friends who need my support. The only person I can really open up to is my ex, who’s already taken a few calls from me lately mid-meltdown. So I guess this is me being vulnerable and saying actually, I do fucking need help, I do need to talk and I want someone to listen. And y’know, I imagine there’s worse people to open to than you lot, heh.

Flitting between “things will be okay, it will be better” and “there’s no hope, I wish I was dead” at the moment. It’s exhausting.


Oh pal I am sorry to hear this, you can always give me a call if you want, I’ve “been there, had the Sertraline breakdown to prove it” etc. Hope you’re feeling more yourself as soon as you can.

I’ve referred myself to some counselling (paid) to aid with slowly coming off meds. Consultation next week. Erk.


So sorry to hear this :frowning:

As horrible as it is, you will get better in time! Some things take a long time to heal from but you’re doing all the right things, try not to be mad at yourself for not getting over things quicker.

Your life has tonnes of value and you matter to many people, including us on DiS, you’re not alone :slight_smile:

It’s often really hard to show “weakness” isn’t it? It’s human to need help though and nobody who matters would judge you for it.

Try to take it day by day and know that we’re all here for you, PM me if you ever want to talk in depth, I’m always here x


I missed the window for getting an appointment with the Primary Mental Health Services after misreading the letter/struggling to muster up the energy to make the call. I’m a shambles.

Had to go into the doctors to say, “can you re-refer me please? I have lost control of my life.” That was fun.

So tired.


Making phone calls is the absolute worst. I can hugely empathise.


It’s awful, isn’t it? I really struggle with it in any circumstances but having call up and say, “hi, I’m broken and yes I have taken your questionnaire and can place a numerical value out of 40 on how broken I am.”

It’s 2017 can’t I at least just bung that in an e-mail?


thanks man, i’ve been a bit better the last day or two, but i really appreciate the offer nonetheless :slight_smile:


You can always call me xx


Thanks babe - not sure if this is depression/anxiety or the Sertraline. Really hard to make sense of anything at the moment. This has pretty much been a pattern for half of my life, though I had an appointment with the local wellbeing service who are referring me for an autism assessment which idk, makes sense in some ways (at least what the mental health nurse was saying anyway).

Good luck with the counselling and coming off the meds! Good you’re doing it responsibly - last time I came off 40mg of Fluoxetine cold turkey and it was HELL.

How have you found drinking on Sertraline, is it okay? I’ve only done it once so far and I did not feel good.


You’re a star :star2:

Posted up there ^^ about my assessment today and yes, I struggle to open up, but I think it’s because when people ask how I am it’s just such a broad question, too broad for me to really formulate a proper, honest answer. Like, I can open up, I just don’t necessarily know how to. It’s weird innit.