How's your depression?


just empty. don’t really want to eat. don’t want to get out of bed, or do anything.

there is a strange lightness in having the last of my desire extinguished, but it isn’t a good lightness.


Can you get outside at all? Just force it?


when are you taking your sertraline?

I take mine just before sleep - i have been on them about 2 months now and are really helping.

I just feel less tense and annoyed by everything - to the point of maybe being a little too chilled at times.

I am possibly also sleeping better as i don’t feel as tired first thing as I used too

However - i quit smoking at the same time as starting the meds so that may be helping with energy too.


I have to go outside later for my science class, so I will.


I take them when I wake up. Maybe I should switch to taking them just before bed then?


I have done this ever since I went on anti-depressants five and a half years ago. Although I still get the adjustment period when I change / increase / decrease the meds or dosage, apart from some horrendous side effects on Venlafaxine (which only occurred when I’d forgotten the night before and took in the morning), they’ve generally not been too bad.

What you describe - the fatigue, the weariness and needing to sleep - yes, I’ve had that - and on occasion still get phases where I go through it (last night, for example, slept nigh on 12 hours and could have done with another 12). Hopefully, as time passes and you become more used to the meds, you won’t feel quite so worn out all of the time.


I had this for my first couple of weeks on Citalopram. Even more irritatingly I’ve been getting poor quality sleep and waking up regularly through the night too, so I’m permanently tired, but these were problems before I started on the meds, so not side effects. Not helpful for workdays, but I’ve had a few afternoon naps in the last month or so that have helped, but other than that I just tend to force myself to through and pretend it’s not a problem before collapsing on the sofa and watching Netflix all evening.


Obviously I am not a doctor and I have never had them in the morning to compare and contrast

I don’t think it will do you any harm to try before sleep (i have mine literally before lights out not just in the evening)


Fucking awful lately. Going through protracted lengthy arguments with the ex for what can only be masochistic reasons on both sides. Not creating everything, no prospects, a rather ill planned trip being my only thing to look forward to (already kind of dreading returning). Can’t help but feel life’s passed me by already a bit, and I’m just out of options and energy to even care.


guys I wish there was more I could do to help :frowning:


it hasn’t



becoming a little wary of my relationship with alcohol of late. just sort of appears in the periphery of my week to no actual benefit and yet when i spend a bit of time kicking it i don’t last long.

i mean i don’t get raging drunk anymore or go on massive benders but… i don’t know. 's not the point. coffee and alcohol are too prevalent in what i’m doing these days


I could cope if I had any faith in management but I don’t. It feels like I’m having a detrimanetal effect by covering the holes, but very very poorly (got told I’m too hard on myself for this today).

Flat out refused to consider a rise, or change of role this morning, so I’ve had a meeting set up with a member of exec to see what I want, which blows my mind.

Burnt out is definitely the phrase. I’m in no doubt I’m in the same boat as others, which doesn’t actually bring me much comfort!!


Would you perhaps be able to get a phone appointment with your GP? If you called reception in the morning they might be able to get your doctor to call back in your lunch break or some time you know you might be less busy. I had a similar problem at my old workplace, it was a long journey by public transport to get to my GP and it was frowned upon to take part days off, as well as taking a day off short notice, you just couldn’t win.

I understand a lot of what you were saying further upthread about feeling like you need a particular thing to happen for the rest of your life to fall in place. I think like that a lot, but nothing I have ever thought I needed has brought more than temporary relief. I wish I had an answer for you on what could help, but I really don’t know myself. I think I have given up on it in a way, in that there is absolutely nothing I want for myself anymore, all I want is to be able to be worthwhile and useful to the very few people in my life (which I am not particularly good at either).
I hope you can stay strong though, maybe things can be ok for you some day even if you cannot imagine how from where you are now.


Has anybody else here cycled through a bunch of different SSRIs and SNRIs and not found any of them to help in any way at all?

  • Raises hand *

I’ve tried 4 different ones so far, tapering off one and then ramping up the next one until both me and the GP agree it’s not working. Still not found one that really helps.


If four is enough to count as a bunch, then yes. Other than some minimal flattening I haven’t got anything but side effects. Currently still on escitalopram and have just been given pregabalin to take alongside it to see if that does better.
I don’t know how many SSRIs/SNRIs you get given before a doctor decides it isn’t worth trying small variations over and over…



I probably sound like a dick saying this, but I’ve always been really ‘ambitious’*. However I feel like I’m absolutely nowhere near where I want to be with my life. This is not how I imagined my life in my 20s was going to be, I always imagined I’d be living and working in London or something, but I’m still living with my parents, deep in extended childhood, living in the middle of nowhere and I can’t drive. I’ve been stuck in a rut for the past few years (because of uni problems, basically took me 5 fucking years to finish my BA) and it looks like I’m going to be stuck in a rut for the next few months as well.

*not even necessarily ‘ambitious’ in a career sense. More that I’ve always wanted to write a novel, or something like that. Not actually write a novel but y’know, do something creative and get some sort of recognition for it. But it seems impossible to make a living that way (unless you’re really lucky), under these economic circumstances. Which is why everything seems so demoralising.


Yeah, pretty much all of this.

Interestingly I feel like my life has been on a downward spiral since 2008. Which funnily enough coincided with the financial crisis, some personal shit I went through, this sudden widening inequality of wealth between the richest 1% and everyone else, and also when I joined Facebook - I’m quite amazed by how many people appear to have a better life than I do (yet at the same time I’m disgusted by how imbecilic they are)… it’s near-impossible to feel content (even though I’m sure it’s exaggerated to death, and not in line with reality).


There is nothing wrong with ambition! Mine are the only things keeping me going tbh, it’s good to have a goal to work for (mine is to get a PhD even though I want to write novel and do that full time). Definitely get the being upset over how things have turned out - i know why and where it went wrong but it feels like watching a car crash from the sidelines and not being able to get close enough to help. Awful feeling