How's your depression?


Honestly I think any job is achievable if you really want it! Forget the naysayers


Fucking awful. Just had a debate with my boss in a team meeting that I tried to stop as I was beginning to get wound up so told him I couldn’t continue it any longer, the he kept tried to get me to listen to something else - ended up with me repetitively saying “I cant” in more distressed tones and walking out of the building.

First time I’ve had anything like this happen at work and I feel fucking terrible with that happening in front of my team. Terrified of going back now. Sitting on a park bench and want to cry but can’t. :frowning:

Hug me pls DiS :cry:


Massive hugs, can you speak to someone to try and get the afternoon off?


Possibly. Just trying to calm myself down at the moment before going back in - think he’ll actually be sympathetic - he knows about my depression - and probably didn’t realise what he was doing to me, but I hate myself for being like this and acting like that, plus most of my team don’t know about my illness, so it just looks like I flew off the handle for no reason.

Mrs zeal suggested afternoon off, so I’ll try it.


take the afternoon off, most people will have forgotten about it by the time Monday rolls around!


Having a bad one today lads


Fingers crossed. Spoken to boss (who apologised) and heading home now.


Sorry to hear that mate - feel free to PM me if you need to express anything to a sympathetic ear. :heart:


glad your boss apologised!

no one will say anything to you on Monday

I’ve seen plenty of situations like this over the years, no one ever says anything the day after and there’s an entire weekend till Monday


ITs actually kinda similar to what happened to you


Dreadful, isn’t it. I’m still shaking on the train home. I’m functioning, but not functioning at all at the same time.

Keep safe x


I Harv a bit of a freak out at the end of my German lesson earlier and now I don’t know whether to go to magazine. I’m not even really sure how it escalated so badly


Well, that’s good! I had a similar episode a few years ago which ended in me storming out of the office, hitting two pubs in rapid succession and then heading back pissed as a pirate to shout a bit more. I absolutely fucking cringe at the memory but the one positive was that it became abundantly clear that I was struggling and really needed a bit of help. On the following Monday the whole office kicked into ‘super-helpful and understanding’ mode.

Take care!


Same advice others gave to me applies here - take time away if you need it. If you don’t want to explain, just make up a stomach bug or something.


Don’t worry about how your team perceived it. I’m sure your head will be making it sound and feel a million times worse than it actually was. On my reading it doesn’t sound bad at all so do not worry yourself about it.

Fair play on having the afternoon off - that’ll help you calm down a lot. Take care of yourself this weekend buddy :+1:


You’re right of course, but there’s a reason this is in the irrational mental illness thread. :wink:


Haha! Fair point - I’m MORE than prone to a spot of catastrophisising myself!


Does the changing of the seasons ever trigger anyone’s depression? I’m really bad at the moment and it feels like it has coincided with the nights drawing in etc. Have a SAD lamp but honestly I’m not sure if it does much.

Apologies if this has already been discussed.


you tried taking a vit D supplement?


Never tried it. Worth a go, I guess!