How's your depression?


Think what you’ve said is totally normal and understandable- bad enough feeling physically unwell, without having to deal with the fact that it’s impacting on one of your usual coping mechanisms. Good to hear you’re on the mend.


I have a phone call with a person tomorrow for some talking therapy thing, which I’ve always avoided. I’m not sure what to say. maybe I should write everything down first.


I know that feeling. When something similar happened to me, I personally just didn’t tell anyone that I was still at uni (except my parents obvs), because I didn’t think they’d understand.

It’s weird because if you have to take a year out due to physical health reasons, most people understand and sympathise. However, if it’s due to mental health reasons, some people (usually Brexit voters) don’t. It’s really sad but that’s life.


I’m not sure if this is even going to help, but breaks of study and part-time recovery (i.e when you need to pass a couple of things rather than the whole year) is common in professional programmes. The outside requirements mean they can’t be overlooked, so loads of students end up retaking or coming back.

I know the above wouldn’t help me if I was in your position, but there’s no point thinking you’re alone.


Thanks @colinzealuk, @NotEvenDreams and @he_2, I really appreciate the advice and it all sounds very useful and encouraging, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

(that reads back a bit insincere, but I really am very grateful and will be trying to take it all on board for Friday and preparing)


Yeah, that sounds like what I’m going through. Been sleeping during my lunch break (I WFH), which probably isn’t entirely helpful but I just feel exhausted.


If it’s on the NHS, did they send you some scoring sheets to do in preparation? You could write down things you want to say but they will probably ask you pretty clear questions to get to understand your needs. I didn’t even think of my weird panic attacks as being that until they asked me how I feel and when it happens, so they’ll know how to ask you things to find out what they need to know.
My telephone counselling gives me homework every time.


I wrote down some main points but the lady on the phone asked loads of questions about how I feel between 1 and 8 which seemed to cover most things. I’m going to be doing some ‘light’ CBT which is hopefully going to be useful. I think I’ve got a few things that I need to sort out. Some big big personality defects also I don’t feel like I have a solid idea about who I am and stuff. I don’t know.


Sounds like it didn’t go too badly :slightly_smiling_face: Hope the CBT is helpful for you.


No that is worth knowing, and it’s kind of what I’m looking at as an option. One of my issues at present is that I’ve had the course extended, but that means cramming all the final parts (placement, dissertation, presentation) all into this time with no breaks, which makes me feel a bit pressured.

The problem might be bursary funding…obviously that’s finished now, so I might have to self fund if I deferred, which would be pretty tough.

I actually wrote this on Sunday…but my phone died. Didn’t realise it’d save though…cheers DiS. Got a meeting with the head of my course later.


I took seroquel for about 18 months. I have a love-hate relationship with it. PM me if this is still relevant. Hope you’re doing ok.


I feel better… Sertraline has mostly helped stabilise my irrational moods, having a change of scene to look forward to with a new job is great (even if the job is something I was doing 4 years ago and I’m mildly humiliated to be going back to square 1), I have something of a social life again, and very recently I’ve got past my ongoing psychological trauma, which is absolutely huge for me (if tinged with a deep sadness that something that was actually so good and easy to overcome in practice involved 7 1/2 years of fear, depression, anxiety and missed opportunities).

But while it feels churlish to still be sad considering these things, this year has really crushed my spirit. I no longer have the motivation to do a lot of things and my self-esteem in my abilities/hope for ever doing anything good in the future has just totally collapsed. I can’t work out if that’s just what adulthood is. I’ve really tried to be more than some good grades and a page of work experience, but I seem to be missing something, and I don’t know what it is.

Fingers crossed something comes along to jog me out of my creative block.


I am feeling very sad


if it was actually easy surely it wouldn’t have taken so long! glad it’s done tho :muscle:

i think this is a feeling that comes along for everyone at different times, i don’t think it’s ever something that goes away forever

sorry to hear that, feel free to say more if you wanna


Can’t emphasise how true this is. The coping mechanisms and solutions we put in place to deal with our various mental health issues might be relatively simple or easy, but the process of actually doing/implementing them isn’t. That’s the nature of having depression/anxiety/etc.

Pleased to hear you’re doing better :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that DB - shout if you need an ear or anything.


I am also feeling very sad.

I can’t quite put my finger on why but just general low mood for a few weeks now.

Is it the change of the seasons? The nights drawing in? Might get myself a lamp.


This just cheered me right up


Hey Meo - I think the night coming earlier is starting to have a little bit of an impact on me too, but not a major one like it seems to with others further up.

Have you managed to get back to the gym again since you said you were missing it fairly recently?


I’ve developed a fixation on the things GPs say to me about my depression in passing (as evidenced by a number of posts up thread). Latest example - I went in for my ankle this morning and the GP was looking at my records and just said, “oh yeah, you’re on Venlafaxine…don’t you think it’s time to come off that?” Apropos of nothing. Like it’s some weird indulgence of mine. I’ve not even been on it that long. I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread most days - how many appointments do I need to have before my depression is taken seriously? I feel like I use all my energy to cope with the day to day and all it gets me is the assumption that I’m doing ok. No matter how many times I walk into the GPs office specifically to say I am not ok.

Also I feel I use this thread just to rant every now and again and don’t really engage with anyone else. Which is kinda selfish. Sorry everybody. I just don’t feel like I’d be much use to anyone rn.