How's your depression?


I can’t offer you anything but virtual hugs and hope you feel better soon x


You should focus on how you’re feeling right now. If you’ve got some time to yourself, you should do something to calm/relax yourself and collect your thoughts. It sounds like you might be spiraling a bit where i’ve been many times and I just try to ditch my phone, the internet, TV etc and just try to examine what i’m feeling and what I can actually do to change it right now. Also rest if you’ve not slept as that will be adding to it all and will make you look at things very differently.

If there is anything else you want to talk about, we have lots of people here who are more than happy to listen and try to give the best advice they can but i’d suggest most importantly is to take care of how you’re feeling now post panic attack. I always feel so drained and confused after mine.


Yeah now that the worst has worn off I literally feel dazed and confused. Spiralling is the right word, everything has built up very rapidly in the past day or two, to this enormous insurmountable crippling set of issues as I’ve thought about it all more and more and I can’t find any way to see any of them positively right now. Thank you for your kind, helpful words x


Easier said than done, but try and do your best to simply look after yourself for now - even if that means just having a long bath or lying in bed in the dark because that’s all you can manage. I recall when I had mine about 6 weeks ago, I basically spent the entire afternoon and evening lying on the sofa doing nothing except watching Netflix, despite my wife’s efforts to get me to do something a little more engaging, because I still needed time to calm myself.

If you can, also have a think overnight about whether signing yourself off work for a couple of days might help alieviate some of the recent stress or whether actually keeping busy with something away from your personal life is likely to be better for you.

Most of all, as Meo says, try and look after yourself and if you ever want to get things out further then we’re always here to listen.


sorry I’m not feeling up to helping out here today but I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for supporting each other in the best non-judgemental way.

Thank you all so much, it’s all extremely valuable to me and I know I can’t be the only one x


Thanks, Meo. Massively appreciated!


been on Sertraline just over two weeks. which I know is supposed to be too early to judge, but idk.

I just feel like when I had anxiety again. mostly no feelings, just the tension that comes from anxiety. although actually I do seem to be feeling really down when each day’s dose wears off.

it’s also making me wake up looking v. tired like I haven’t slept properly, because, well, I haven’t, and it’s making my skin look shit when it was really good before.


that emoji is apparently ‘persevere’, when I meant it to represent my desire not to.

dunno if the anxiety is just my ruined brain/body responding to me opening up my heart, getting burnt, and the subsequent depressed narrowing of my aperture on life, or the meds alone, or both. or if it’s because I haven’t seen much of my friends and have regressed to my no-self-esteem, no-personality state.

I liked that I temporarily felt a kind of consistency and capability, but my brain feels like mush rn.

really just want to sack it off. a few of my friends say they stuck with it and got better, but argh. :frowning:


y’know what, fuck it. fuck this. I was over my anxiety. I am not having anxiety again. it’s ruined my whole twenties, and I thought I was over it, and this shit drug which is supposed to help is making me fucking unravel. I just can’t bear it, I cannot go back to being anxious. at least feeling sad is a proper feeling :frowning:


When are you taking it?

I know we are all different but it has mostly changed my life. Been on it about 4 months now and for the first time in my life I’m not a stupid bundle of constant anxiety.

I take mine literally just before sleep.

Don’t know if that would make any difference to you?

First few weeks were pretty Wierd.


Have you taken sertraline before? As stickboy says above, the first few weeks can be very, very weird. And one of the most common (I think, at least a very common) side effect is that sort of emotional dampening/dulling. It may well be that it dissipates after another week or two. Given that you’re two weeks deep already, it may be worth :persevere:ing to see if those side effects go away and the drug can begin to work. BUT obviously I am not you and don’t pretend to know how it’s affecting you, so please ignore that suggestion if your side effects are too severe or for any other reason.

For what it’s worth, I used to take sertraline, and had similar side effects, and mine levelled out a bit after a while.
I then tried to start taking it again more recently, and it didn’t seem to work for me much at all so thinking of exploring other options.

If you do decide to stop taking it, it’s magnificently important you taper off it, because my dumb family GP seemed to think I could just stop taking 100mg of it cold turkey and it was a massive bunch o’ shite.


People who are taking or have taken sertraline: how have you dealt with any of the erm, sexual side effects? Is it possible to take them or something similar and still function in that department?


Can’t say I have had that problem.

How long have you been on it?


I found I could still ‘get on the train’ but ‘alighting at the station’ was an issue. TV loved it tbh tbf.


This was the only side effect I had on it (well I had the fuzzy feeling but that didn’t bother me). It’s more difficult to er cross the finish line sall we say and the only way I found round it was to come off them. I did ask my doc about it but there wasn’t a solution that I remember. It is very common when taking it though.


It’s something my therapist asked me about, so don’t worry about anything there being uncommon; seems to be a relatively well known side effect.

Aside from that, I’m on a different SSRI, so my experience is probably of limited help here…


I found it made sex basically unenjoyable tbh, but I wasn’t all that fussed about that aspect of life so figured it still balanced out in the positive. No prospect of sleeping with anyone in the state I was in before taking it.


is anyone else really dreading christmas?

i feel fucking awful.


I have very mixed feelings about it. I always like(d) christmas - and I love it when the kids are around. But I also inevitably end up spending lots of time alone (when the kids are with their mum etc). This year they will be gone from xmas day lunchtime until after new year. I tend to get pretty down and lonely - I don’t tend to exactly have a packed social calendar as all my friends are busy spending time with their wives and kids


I can relate to you a lot here. The first year after I split with my kids’ Mum, I found the Xmas break simply awful. It was fine on Xmas day itself, but then as they went off and toured the country visiting cousins and family, I felt really lonely, alone and isolated.

The last couple of years I’ve taken to working between Xmas & New Year just to keep myself occupied.

Christmas Day as a whole is usually okay as I get to see the kids all day and spend the night at their’s on Christmas Eve. But I don’t often feel particularly full of joy or good cheer at all.

The last couple of New Years have been awful though. I mean, my folks have been really nice and let me play scrabble with them and their friends who come over every year, but I feel so ruddy awkward and abymsal at midnight. I really can’t face it this year at all.


yeah sounds familiar. I kind of figured I’d be coupled up by now (7 years since the split) but I don’t seem to be capable of having a relationship beyond a few months