How's your depression?


Feeling absolutely brilliant today :crossed_fingers:


I’ve actual been fine in that regard. had problems with the other meds I’ve taken, but no issues on Sertraline.


hooray! hope it continues! :slight_smile:


I’ve not been troubled constantly by the anxiety. I’ve actually felt much better since my post the other night. I am very wary, though. I was so scared that I was falling back into that state, as it made life utterly unbearable.

I started taking it in the morning, but I have reverted to taking it in the evenings, now. we’ll just have to see how it goes. I’m going to stick with it, because despite sometimes feeling a bit rubbish or utterly awful, I’m even starting to feel a little bit more like I have real feelings again. all tentative at this stage.


I’m going to :persevere: , I think. even though moments like the other night have terrified me, I’ve felt quite good the last two days.

I feel like maybe I’m capable of regathering myself in terms of getting back to the positive progression I have made in having some level of self-esteem and thus being able to be happy and social, functional. it’s better than anything else I’ve taken, and better than feeling suicidal.


Nice to hear it’s improved a little. Hopefully it turns out that some of the anxious feelings were just brought on by your body adjusting to the medication rather than anything that’s going to come back.

Keep safe mate!


i’m sorry to hear this :frowning:

do you ride much through the winter? i’m thinking of doing the festive 500 this year. might be a good way to fill the gap while the kids are away?

there’s so much pressure around christmas and i just can’t really cope with it. i wish i could just hide away until january.


Recurring dreams make it hard to go to sleep and often wake me up when I do get to sleep. load o’ shite


thanks buddy :slight_smile: I really hope so.


Same here - only extending that to around the beginning of November next year.


hi guys,

do you think it’s OK to have some things that you never really “get over” or move beyond?

thanks x


Depends what you mean by get over really doesn’t it? There are things like close family bereavement, particularly of children, that many people claim to never be able to put aside completely (and almost why would you?) But if you mean not get over in the sense of not being able to function properly then that’s obviously an ongoing problem that needs addressing, simply for that reason alone.

What’s up?


Hey Bammers,

One of the most frustrating things I’ve found throughout various therapy sessions is the requirement to move beyond things that I keep coming back to in my mind and that undoubtedly hold my mental wellbeing back.

Thing is, it’s easier said than done. So much easier said than done. I feel as though I owe it to myself and those closest to me to keep perservering and pushing through to try and get past them, whilst at the same time recognising that my current inability to so is okay. So long as I am able to manage the feelings to some extent and don’t let the burden of guilt and shame weigh me down to the point where it’s completely overwhelming and affects me long term.

Don’t know if this makes sense or helps - but I think it’s fine so long as you are able to maintain distance from whatever it is more than you can’t.

I have to keep clinging onto the hope that there will be a time where those feelings aren’t at arm’s length.

Stick with it, mate.


I don’t belong here, I don’t have any money, I suck at the language and I don’t fit in or like University. I should just give up and go home already


ah it’s alright, I can function alright pretty much just I dunno, walked past someone earlier who sorta looked like an ex from about a decade back from a distance and it was giving me kind of an anxiety attack. Weird how some things never really seem to leave me. Not sure if focusing on accepting feelings is better than trying to destroy them.


thanks very much for taking the time to comment :slight_smile:

like I said to Colin above, I can cope pretty much I just seem unable to complete let go of some abandonment issues/fears I have, seems I’ve healed to a point and time just doesn’t make any further progress.


hey Severed!

Have you talked this through with your girlfriend? I’m sure it’s not easy at all but that doesn’t mean you don’t belong or can’t do it, I’m sure if you tried hard you could think of a list of ways you have progressed since moving.


I Have, of course, but it’s hard to do without her (understandably) getting upset


Hi @Bamnam

If it’s triggering severe (or at least significant anyway) anxiety issues for you then I’d want to be optimistic for the future and say you can absolutely achieve a place where hopefully things don’t affect you so negatively. For me,there are still a few specific memories that, if brought to the forefront, still cause me some level of distress, but I find it helps to look at how those moments shaped me…and how even though they were very difficult times to go through, I wouldn’t be the same person now if things had been markedly different.


yeah of course, man it sounds difficult. I’m sure she wants you to be happy too though.

If I wasn’t kinda broke at the moment would happily lend you some money, I’m sure other DiSers would too if you were in a desperate situation.

Hang in there :hugs: