How's your energy supplier doing?

Bulb are seeking funds to stay afloat, apparently

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I don’t even know who mine are actually, I just send a homing pigeon into the night with a golden penny and hope for the best


Erm well I’ve just discovered from this article that my energy and gas supplier ceased trading earlier this month :grimacing:

Actually can’t believe they’ve not even, like, emailed their customers about this. fucking hell

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I’ve just learned from an online forum mere seconds ago that they’re “seeking funds to stay afloat, apparently”


Mine appears to be ok, but there seems to be talk of a hostile takeover bid by another company and bad mouthing from both sides. Just concentrate on supplying my energy kthnx

Apparently mine are raising my gas and electric bill by £139 per year for the foreseeable 🤷

Reckon they’ll be ok with the issues on the market

Does this mean I should be changing my energy supplier to other than Bulb urgently?

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I am also with Bulb, who seem to put their prices up every other month.

To echo the above, where is the best place to shop around for alternatives? Is it ol’ Martin Lewis?

We were with bulb for ages I though they used Green Energy quite confused how they are so screwed unless I’ve missed something.

We’re with Octopus. Haven’t heard anything yet.

Imagine if the government’s last 3 big policy announcements on helping people make their houses more energy efficient had been backed up by competent design and usable systems, rather than just excuses to pump money into big consultancy firms

How many energy suppliers does it take to save a Bulb?


There’s a big pipe of… Idk, energy I guess, that flows directly from the Bulb factory to my house. And if Bulb goes under then the factory goes dark and the energy stops flowing and I can no longer charge my Gameboy. Is that how it works?

Yes, he’s a good place to do comparisons still, but he’s very blunt at the minute - there are no “good” options, everywhere is getting more expensive.

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No, your supply won’t change, it’ll just be whoever takes over Bulb sending you bills instead, and you won’t know what they plan to charge. So you can look to change now, but literally everyone is charging more now.

Still fuming at how shit the Green Homes Grant was. Just an absolute joke.

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I think it means that all of the energy infrastructure they own is green, eg wind farms and that.

The stuff that comes through the pipes and cables is the same regardless so I guess they have to pay the going rate for gas and that still?

Their electricity is all from renewables. Gas is still, yknow, gas.

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Probably a good place to publicise this which some people here may be eligible for:

Whose chips did Italy piss in?