How's your Flip Flop game?



Anti-flip-flop poindexters can stay out or you’ll get your head flushed in the bog.

This season I am wearing these:

I’ll allow a little slider chat too but don’t overdo it!


These lads ev’ryday

  • Flip Flops
  • Thongs
  • Jandals
  • Tsinelas
  • Smagul
  • Flippy-Floppies

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  • Havaianas
  • Other brand

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That’s the brand that would be worn by people who go on 18-30 holidays. I still have much respect for you though.


Had to pop on a pair of flip flops this morning in order to take another dead mouse out to the bins. This is essentially the only use I have for flip flops at this stage of my life.


But as you are constantly killing mice that is a lot of wear.

  • Never
  • Only on the beach
  • Only in good weather
  • All the time, despite the long term damage they do to you

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Rolling Thread For Complaining About The Heat 🔥

Yours look like the brand that would be worn by people who go on 30-55 holidays. I still have much respect for you though.

  • With socks
  • Without socks
  • Depends

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This was the fifth one. I am at the end of my tether and have had a breakthrough in my “they’re not living here any more, trying to stop them from ever entering a ground floor property in an old terraced street is completely pointless” line of persuasion.


They do afford much comfort.


Someone grab marckee, I’ll make sure the cistern is full.


What colours are we all sporting? Mine are navy blue with a silver bit on the top. What’s the name for the bit on the top?


Reef Mick Fannings, which have a bottle opener built into the sole. I think these are my second or third pair now. Also, Mick Fanning is an absolute hero of mine, for being an incredible athlete but also because of this:


How’s you flip flop name*

  • i am xylo, so it’s 100% solid
  • i am not xylo and my flip flop name is crap (unless you are Dave Thong)

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Black base, red / white upper, as per the link in my last post.


The fucking colour in the photo!


Can people who have already answered this question please stop replying.


You don’t seem laid back enough to be a true flip flop wearer.