How's your Flip Flop game?

When I go I want to be wearing Sanuks.

Can’t believe we’re talking about Sanuks in the smagul thread

I also got some Teva Mushes on @plasticniki’s reco but they just ain’t Sanuks


For me, the softer the bit between the toes the better.

Filth thread is tomoz m9

got some of these a few years ago, because, much like me, they were cheap.



Got these almost a year ago. The sole has split away from the edge at the back and I wore them too much on pat leave and my feet dried out and now I have cracked heels.

i used to be a major flipflop advocate but after i got quite dramatic sunburn on the top of my feet i worry constantly about my feet being exposed to the sun. so these days my wearing flipflops is rare enough for me to say never

A small price to pay.

Pretty painful price, but I do have good silly tan lines on my feet

What’s your alternative for days where full coverage is too much for your feet?

You should wear your jandal tanlines with pride. You are a free spirit. A surfer. A poet. A lover. A GOD!


this is all true, but im also a free spirit/surfer/poet/lover/GOD plus actor who worries about burning the top of his feet

no such thing these days

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What, really?

Finally a bit of slider chat.

Do you remember when the doctor (Dr Scholl) was the king of the sliders, the big cheese.

Hey we might look down on slider folk but they aren’t the real enemy - shoe wearers!

No, because people who wear sliders should be indefinitely detained.

Yeah, Andy Vine has had a nightmare in this thread

as per

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