How's your Frijj (rolling)

Always a fan of a fudge brownie Frijj…but the last one I had was…


would buy those as a kid and drink it all and then feel completely sick


More of a Yazoo fella, myself, but love the classic chocolate frijj, particularly after a sweaty gig.

Better in theory than in principle

They’ve changed the recipe.

Basically, it was King of All Milkshakes, but then they took Chief Wiggum off the bottle and it went bang average.

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  • This is gonna be boss
  • This is going to irrevocably harm human-milkshake relations for decades

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They always have a weird plasticky aftertaste I can’t quite stomach.


Love a choc one. Can’t be doing with the fudge jobbers.

Used to get the vanilla one every time I went for a shop at uni until it was discontinued. Now I get one occasionally, but just makes me angry there’s no longer a vanilla flavour.

There are some fancy vanilla milkshakes in the Tesco meal deal that are small but decent

When you’re right, you’re right!

For a long time I thought it was Friji, like, 25 years

  • wow, me too! It looks like Friji and that’s a better name!
  • No, I’m not ready to admit this

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