How's your fringe? (Rolling)


Not as cool as these guys, I’ll warrant.


In desperate need of a trim. Also greying.


My fringe is abysmal.

Used to be such a good fringe too and then my hair and my forehead had a meeting the result of which was pushing the border a bit further back.

In many ways I’m thankful that they have been happy with the current lines since, but now it just sits there not knowing what it’s supposed to be.

The only way to make it look even vaguely passable is to put some sort of product in it, otherwise it looks pathetic.


That dude on the right pretty much has my ‘haircut’ tbh tbf…


Ever cut it yourself?


Don’t have one, having finally managed to grow mine out so my hair is 18" length all over. Of course I now really want a fringe.


I don’t have one. I’ve had one cut in many times to only go “oh god what have i done”


indeed, and then three years to grow it out properly.


grew my hair a wee bit longer than usual recently

noticed i’m going grey so cut it all off again

yay :upside_down_face:


all the time, with terrible results. it’s why i normally sweep it to one side.


grey is good tho, imho


My hair is stubbornly refusing to go grey, and it’s a ballache because it means in the winter I get dark root regrowth that I need to lighten. Once it goes a bit grey I’ll get away with hardly colouring it at all, except maybe with a tinted shampoo. .


i’m a big fan of your hair if that’s any consolation?


Bad. Got a side fringe cut in about two weeks ago but the hairdresser was really against it so literally just cut it with one chop of his scissors.

Flutuate between wanting a fringe when I don’t have one and being annoyed by having one when I do.


I have been grey for years. I’m 29.

My dad went grey when he was 18. Cheers pop.


my friend has been going grey since i met him aged 13

tbf i think he’s well past the point of ‘going’ and is now ‘gone’


Got some greys but few enough that I can pluck them out and not have to dye them. Will be a long time before I can accept going fully grey.


Got home at just before midnight last night, put on Martha Wainwright, drank two bottles of wine, and proceeded to shave my head, so I am now totally fringeless.


You bloody motherfucking arsehole


the album with that on, yes