How's your gag reflex? - filth free

Mine is very strong - the dentist told me to make sure I move my tongue out of the way when I brush my lower teeth on the inside - and just doing this makes me gag, plus trying to floss teeth at the back of my mouth (I’ve now switched to those little brushes so problem solved there)

Is this unusual? Keep it clean please, it’s only Tuesday

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should probably add a poll

  • gag reflex, what gag reflex?
  • medium gag
  • strong gag
  • tory

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I often gag when brushing my teeth, think if I thought about it hard enough I could throw up on command

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Not as good as it should be for someone who’s sucked his fair share of dicks.

I can do this. Not a party trick or anything.

I’m not angry 29, just disappointed

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They usually were!


What is a person’s fair share of dicks? What would be an unfair share?

Everyone stop talking about dicks in my filth free thread!

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can usually think of a ‘your mum’ joke for almost any reply

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I thought you meant that the filth in this thread does not need to paid for like much online filth content.

Not much of a gag reflex due to repeated efforts to pick tonsil stones (if you’re not familiar with these for god’s sake don’t Google it before lunch) out of the back of my throat. Can poke around there for ages (‘Like your Mum’, KennethWilliamsMatron.jpg, MrBean.jpg etc…).

You can suppress it using acupressure.

Ooh, was going to say I misread this as acupuncture … but it’s pretty much the same thing, without the puncturing.

Oh dear lord, I saw these things on tv and it was that fucking toad all over again.

It’s a really powerful thing. I used to think it was total voodoo, but I used it to stop myself retching when I had morning sickness and my pregnancy was till a secret at work.

I’ve also used it to ease sinusitis and migraines. Our pressure points are so powerful.

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Going to try this tonight. Will report back! #gobble

There are several variations on the technique. this is also a good one-

Every had a gastroscopy (camera down your throat in to your stomach)? Really gets your gag going. A few minutes of constantly choking/gagging on what feels like a hosepipe down your throat.