How's your hair? [Audit]

What kinda state is your hair in rn?
When was your last haircut?
Any plans for it?

pics optional.


greasy. Probably get a cut next week. last haircut was a month and a half ago.

Oh shit there were other questions.

I give myself a buzz every two weeks.
Plans mainly revolve around making it as short as possible, to reduce the impact of unevenness and thinning on top.

I hate everything I’ve got going on above my shoulders.

mine’s fine, got my standard undercut with moptop
got it cut about a month or so ago
maybe, getting the yearly urge to cut it all off. usually happens when it’s hot out.

  • leave it longish
  • cut it off, m8

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a simple ‘not on hairbook’ would have sufficed!

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pretty ok, need a haircut tho. i basically decide when to get my hair cut when it starts sort of curling up at the back and sides, starts to look a bit darth vader helmet. gf keeps making jokes about my fringe being too long as well, think shes trying to tell me to trim it. i am a fundamentally lazy man, however, so its unlikely i will get it cut for another few wks

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current state: messy
last haircut: at least 6 months ago
plans: to grow it as my last stand before baldness kicks in. it’s in that annoying mid point atm but i have had a few compliments recently so :man_shrugging:

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pretty bad

I’ve been self shaving my hair for years - but have decided I want to embrace my bald/ receedingness and have it a bit longer on top, just cos I’m so bored of being shaven headed

The sides/ back could do with a trim - but if I go too soon the barber will just cut the top really short too, they can’t seem to stop themselves from doing this. Going to hold off a couple more weeks I think

currently wearing a hat as much as possible

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my word!

Current state: pretty peng. Given up on hair wax recently too so letting the natural oils and London pollution style it for me.

Last haircut: I think around 3-4 weeks ago which is why I’m happy with it, never a fan when you first get out the chair.

Any plans: get the urge to grow it long again every now and again but then I remember the mushroom stage and throw up a bit in my mouth.


Literally just had my monthly 16th haircut.

My hair is still bad because it is too thick.

My plans are to have another haircut in exactly one month.

Dunno man, dunno.

Haven’t been that happy with it for ages but not really sure what to do with it. It’s receding a bit but nowhere near at the stage where I need to be thinking about getting rid of the lot.

At my hairdresser’s suggestion I’m growing out the top while keeping the back and sides short but that just leaves me in the shit middle ground. And I don’t know what the end game is.

tl;dr dunno

Grows slow, can go 6+ months between cuts. Very fine, and smooth, has a white stripe.

Looks like this:


fairly long. haven’t had it cut for like 2 or 3 years at this point. probably ought to get it chopped off or at least trimmed.

S’good hair that. Wish mine grew slow and that I didn’t have a double crown and that it wasn’t as thick. The last barber I went to in Haggerston told me my hair was so thick that it was ‘breaking his clippers’ :grinning:


Aw cheers Ironsie. Grew it all meself! :haircut_woman:

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Six months?! Mine’s uncontrollably wild after four weeks! Lucky chap! Hate going to the hairdresser.

getting there…


Needs a trim, going Saturday