How's your hair? #HaircutWeek

Please update us on your barnet situation.

  • Full caveperson
  • Lockdown #3 moptop
  • Could do w/ a trim but not too bad
  • Just had it cut mate
  • Clippering at home as per
  • n/a

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Got an appointment at some overpriced shithole tomorrow lunch.

Post pics if you like.

Still cutting my own. It’s a disgrace.

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Did a full head/ beard and balls home trim yesterday in readiness for the end of my isolation



Meant to get it cut on Saturday, but the barbers was too busy for my liking. Will probably try and get it done one lunchtime this week.

In other news - I think my beard on my cheeks is getting thicker - was always too straggly after a certain length before

Maybe my 47th winter will be the one when I’ll grow a really massive beard

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Had my first actual professional haircut on Saturday since Feb 2020. Not even as good as the haircuts I’ve been giving myself.

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Got a fade for the first time in my life last week and I have to say, it looks fantastic. No I will not be posting pictures.

I feel like I look truly ridiculous but am being gaslit into thinking I shouldn’t get a haircut



have to say that i think the long hair suits you very well, tone. very handsome.

How did you get in here?

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This, but i kinda love it. Cant see how bad the back looks though so :man_shrugging:

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Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say, my dear.

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Just booked a cut for Friday afternoon #haircutweek

I’m not great at it but since I’ve been doing my own hair I can actually see how it might be quite a fun job once you get good at it. Quite rewarding.

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This is what people do to me with my facial hair, I’ve come to the conclusion that even compliments shouldn’t happen. Nobody should ever comment on another’s appearance, that way we can all just look how we want.

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What kind of fade did you get? Skin fade? High/low?

Haircut is a week tomorrow, so this is pre haircut week for me.

Not been cut for nearly 18 months (apart from fringe trims). Got so long that I’ve started wearing it in two plaits like a little girl 24/7 because otherwise it gets in the way of everything. When I take the plaits out it’s fluffy and enormous.