How's your hearing? [Audit]

  • What!!?? lol
  • Bit battered from doing loud things
  • OK i think
  • Perfect 20/20 hearing
  • Not on hearingbook/check privilege

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Do you wear earplugs at gigs/loud things?

  • Y
  • N
  • Sometimes

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Been putting off getting a hearing test but I really should coz mine are wrecked and my dad has hearing loss which is hereditary. Lately noticed my hearing kinda cutting out in one ear :grimacing:

Quite hard of hearing these days I think

I think I’m really quite bad actually, finding myself not hearing people a lot these days. Have tinnitus for sure and whenever I put earplugs in to sleep it’s constant ringing.

Started wearing earplugs to gigs only recently after years of loudloud gigs. Get really pissed off when gigs are needlessly louder than they need to be now. Shhh, the louder you are does not mean the better you are.


Bit fuzzy/buzzy in all fairness, probably caused by a silly loud No Age gig a few years ago.

Better than it has any right to be, TBH TBF

Had grommets in my ears as a kid and I might already hold the world record for number of ear infections in a lifetime. Spent many years making loud music in very small rooms and going to gigs that were the same.

I sometimes get confused about where a sound is coming from, but don’t generally struggle to hear stuff.





quite noticeable tinnitus which can be distressing if there’s no other noise going on and I notice it. Try to never not be listening to something to counteract this.

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also get obsessed with wondering if I can hear slightly clearer out of one ear. Always doing the thing where you rub your fingers together near your ear to see if there’s like a low-pass on my ear.


Yeah my right ear is much worse than my left.

I was being told by people that I may be going deaf so I had to go get my hearing properly tested. Turns out I have the hearing of a 10 year old which is apparently very good. I think I just cba to listen to people? But in all fairness, I don’t think it’s my hearing…people tend to talk to me in other rooms or with their back to me or whilst i’m doing something else and expect me to hear them perfectly and they moan when I go “huh?” which I do a lot.


I’ve got full-blown tinnitus (the actual level waxes and wanes) from (presumably) going to gigs and playing music without using adequate protection. I use custom-moulded ACS ones now but at this point I’m just deferring further damage more than anything else.

If you’ve got the cash to spare, I’d recommend anyone who routinely plays or attends gigs (especially smaller, club ones) get custom plugs before it’s too late. I feel like my mate when we were 18, we always warned him not to drink-drive, then he lost his licence and sent a group email to everyone saying “Don’t do what I did” and it was like, no shit.

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Done me.


When people just say what or huh to everything i just dont repeat myself and you can guarantee like three seconds later theyll answer coz they heard perfectly fine

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How much the custom ones cost you? I lose earplugs like nobody’s business.

Yeah this is the problem I find myself in. I think my brain is just too slow? Like i HEARD you but did I hear you?

But tbh my bf who is the main culprit for getting annoyed at me for constantly going HUUHH? mumbles and talks so quietly sometimes. But noooo i’m the deaf one. But if I don’t do the HUHH? and just ignore him, he also gets the hump.

what can ya do

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Yeah low talkers are no good either. I know two people who just wont raise their voice even if youre in a loud pub or whatever, just keep on at the same mumbling volume. Well annoying.


Yeah, you’re not going to want to lose these. They’re about £140.

I lost a pair last year at a gig, so my new ones have a dorky little cord around them.

Ahm oot

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