How's your hearing? [Audit]

Generally not too bad although I find it hard to hear conversations in loud rooms.

I’ve just started wearing ear plugs (EarPeace ones) at gigs as the ringing was getting worse and lasting for days after (or even longer for really loud gigs) and have been really happy with them, no ringing after and could still hear the band clearly.

Ugh this does my head in.

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anyone been to boots for a free hearing test? is it some kind of a swizz?

Apparently there little delicate hairs deep in your ear that pick up the sound/vibration. Once they get damaged they do not re grow or repair. They say playing music on yor iphone top volume (earphones) regularly is enough to damage them.

Got an ear infection about 20 years ago that never went away, so constant tinnitus for most of my adult life. ENT says my hearing is still better than average though so the Mogwai gigs can’t have done all that much damage, right?

me and my best friend rachel were playing doctor and she shoved a cotton bud in my ear and i had a bloodclot. probably hasn’t helped tbh.

28 years old i… etc

I wear hearing aids. NHS ones, they’re okay and I get by, but I still have terrible trouble hearing in certain situations. Would like to get some better ones but can’t afford.

Convinced that there are millions of people out there who would benefit from wearing hearing aids, but don’t.

Mine tunes in background noise a lot, so pubs with noisy acoustics tend to be really uncomfortable. I’m not sure if that’s due to something more than just my ears though.

I have mild tinnitus, but i tend not to notice it. I thought I’d messed my left ear up for good after seeing Mogwai at the Anson Rooms in November '01, having stood right next to the speakers. It rang for a month before one say i noticed it was no longer ringing.

For all the music I listen to and play, they’re actually totally fine. Had a hearing test for the new job late last year and I have slightly above average hearing for my age. Need to get my ears syringed but I think I’m really lucky to have gotten this far without ruining them.

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Loud headphone usage

  • All day, err’ day
  • Couple hours a day
  • Infrequently
  • Never

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I use in-ear headphones on commute and at work but never have them too loud. On about 2/30 at work (which is fine) and 4/30 on train (prob a bit quiet with all the noise it’s ok).

I did manage to block up one of my ears completely with a cotton bud recently, which was quite distressing. Had to go to a walk-in clinic and get it syringed, which was simultaneously satisying and disgusting.

I rarely have my headphones at a blistering volume. Always have them just at the point where I can still hear a bit of traffic noise outside. Friends have commented on how low I have the volume at but they’re the ones whose hearing is fucked, not me.


yeah even the loudest setting aint really enough for me :grimacing:

Seriously? I’m interested by this. I remember as a teenager making a conscious decisions not to push the volume too much on my Discman so I wouldn’t fuck up my ears. Were you always destroying your ears at maximum volume as a teen?

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yeah, played in heavyish bands on and off since i was 15 in really tiny, loud practice rooms. never used earplugs til a few years ago. constantly blast music into my skull all day :grimacing:

I find earplugs really uncomfortable. Usually earplugs, in ear headphones etc just won’t go in my ears at all so i have no option but to not wear them. I wish gigs would just be quieter

better cough up for some £140 custom ones then

One of those things that was a revelation to me. So that’s why I really struggle with pub conversations if there’s another one going on next to me…


Low-level tinnitus. Extremely narrow ear canals. Often blocked. Below average hearing for my age.