How's your IT support?

Currently working on an old imac that has nowhere near enough spec for what I’m doing on it and it’s lagging and crashing to fuck. Made the mistake of moaning about it and now three different blokes from the office are standing around trying to ‘diagnose’ the problem. The problem is that it’s shite, mates.



He’s sitting next to me, looking at LinkedIn. Nice lad but doesn’t drink :-1:

How’s his actual IT support

Ooh that sounded a bit shirty

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Sporadic, frenzied, but seems to work.



How are you?

Call center team somewhere. Pretty hit and miss tbf

my team hates their team but i cant remember why
they seem nice but you have to put through a request for everything and it takes ages

Pretty good, thanks!

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Useless. Outsourced to a company who sit on our ground floor all with terrible attitudes towards doing their job. Drives me mad when you put a ticket in and they’re like “hmmmmph sake”. Yeah you work in First Line IT Support mate, I have a problem with my PC and it’s your job to help sort it.

Terrible. I managed to wrangle admin rights out of them and basically support myself.

Heyooooo! Walked into that one didnt I!!!

Worked in a place like this and the IT company fucking hated us. Later found out my tight af boss was only paying them 100 quid a month :rofl:

Been working here two years, didn’t have any previous experience so every day is a day I learn something new, which is a good way to keep the job interesting and the product we support is so wide ranging that people who’ve been here 15 years are still learning too.

To answer if I’m actually any good, I think I’m pretty decent, usually get tickets closed off quickly enough and try to provide walkthroughs with screenshots for the users where possible. I’m absolutely useless at reading code though, but am slowly learning python so hopefully that’ll improve over time

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the IT lads and lasses are absolutely lovely

Front line IT support are terrible. It’s excruciating having to ask them to do stuff you know you can do but can’t because your computer is locked downed with admin rights. This one guy uses these inane analogies in an attempt to explain simple IT issues to us mere mortals. Does my nut.

Had the same chump try and fix my wifi, failed after many attempts so went and ordered new hardware. That wasn’t the issue so he wanted to reimage the entire machine and start from scratch. Told him no way - it’s taken 6 months to get the laptop installed with all the shit I need, wasn’t going through that again. By chance some more competent backroom IT dude sorted it in like 20 minutes.

This is the dream right here.
I can’t even delete icons off my desktop or defrag my hard drive ffs

My guy’s really good, top bloke too.

You’ve reminded me of the IT guy at my school who would wear a white lab coat for no reason. He was quite pallid and had very slicked back short hair so he got the nickname Earthworm Jim. Weird chap.

I am fond of them

Quite easy if you work in software development.

“Hi - I need to use insert pretty much any Eclipse based IDE here. It doesn’t actually run properly without Admin rights. If you want me to do my job…”