How's your IT support?

alright Solid Snake

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Fine. Rarely use it.

They’re based in an office in Essex somewhere, one of the has a very sexy voice so I always hold out in hope that they answer. So: I’m happy.

We had to put up a big fight to get admin rights on a Linux machine we use for development. They backed down when we explained that every time we wanted to use the machine they’d have provide someone to sit there and type in a password whenever we wanted to run something as root.

Pretty lucky that we get admin privileges as standard on out office machines.

Aye. I’m all for locking down machines from an IT support perspective, but if you want to employ developers, then for fucks sake make allowances for them to do development!

Generally pretty good.

Taking them an awfully long time to conjur me a new work laptop though.

@anon76851889 is pretty good too.

Taking him an awfully long time to conjur me a new personal laptop though.

safety wink on that second snapshot


Shots fired!

It’ll arrive when E’s birthday present gets here from Asia. Or maybe Tuesday evening.

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Sweet :slight_smile:

A pack of useless cunts. The infamous time my colleague’s second monitor wasn’t working so they came down while we were on break and switched it with mine. I was livid when I figured out what had happened. There was a particularly frosty phone call after that.

When it comes to software they’re a disgrace. I genuinely know more than most of them, to the point where the team I’m on go to me when something basic needs to be fixed. I am pretty sure that this is the case in every local authority in the country.

had an IT guy once who i really liked. would always get into these deep conversations about technology, sometimes i’d call him just for completely ponderous questions coz i found his voice really soothing. went back a few months later and he’d been fired. sorry, phil :disappointed:

Generally, avoid using them, I’ve been in their position before so I’ve a fair amount of sympathy my main issue is that their responsibilities seem to be very finely divided so no matter what the issue it generally needs to be escalated to another team.

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:+1: tbh they’re mostly a GBoL :+1:

What issue you having with the WiFi? Can you not connect to it or are you able to connect, but not getting any network traffic? Are you able to connect and work with the WiFi via your mobile phone?

Hi! Wow you responded quicker than our IT dept. AND out of normal working hours. Amazing.

Basically my wifi adapter didn’t work. The factory build wasn’t configured correctly so it just didn’t work or connect to anything. The IT guy tried a few things: off and on again, update drivers, troubleshoot manufacturer, install new hardware (!), went round and round for weeks.
The issue was eventually resolved by this other fella installing some Intel wifi connection utility, which I now use to search for available networks and get online. Works like a charm.

The longer my laptop doesn’t work the longer I don’t have to do any work.

If anything they fix it too quickly


Awful. Absolutely awful. I work for a large global company who have farmed out all of their IT support to a third party, somewhere in Eastern Europe (Romania, I think).

Everything is done by ticket system. The majority of tickets are closed with no action being taken. The policy is that if they ask you for information three times and you don’t respond, they close the ticket, so often they will send two of them close together when you’re not in, e.g. over a weekend, and just close it. Even basic things like getting software installed is an absolute chore.

Procedure is you raise a ticket. Eventually, you get a response which is always ‘please call the help desk’. You call the help desk. You sit on the phone and wait while someone reads your ticket for the first time. The whole ticket process is a waste of time because nobody looks into your problem before contacting you, you have to call them and hope the person you reach understands the problem. I could not access my email archive because some update had not been completed correctly and ended up closing the ticket because the person on the end of the phone did not understand ‘I cannot access my email archive’, no matter how I tried to say it because their English was not good enough to understand me.

I generally don’t need much IT support, in previous jobs I’ve gone years without speaking to IT guys about anything significant, but I work for a company who has recently been taken over and we’ve had lots of issues with new domains, migrated users and all that kind of stuff, plus our PCs are so locked down we can’t even change our screen resolution. I have never known IT support as bad as this.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I can no longer work in the office, because following migration my desktop PC would not boot up. It’s probably fixable, and even if it’s not we have a room full of unused PCs where they made a load of people redundant. Despite repeated reminders and me escalating the issue to local IT management, nobody so much as contacted me about the problem, let alone tried to fix it. A failed hard drive resulting in the inability to do any work was apparently not seen as a priority. I can only do any work because I happened to nab the laptop from someone who resigned (actually, tipped over the edge by IT issues) so I could use it for travel, and now I WFH using that. If I had not done that, I would not have been able to do any work for the last three months and still nobody from IT has even responded.

I work for the worst company in the world.


can i talk about my IT band in here?

they’re tight



They basically run the company. Can’t do anything without there support and no one is prepared to challenge their arcane authority