How's your juice consumption?

mine’s quite good imo

which suits me fine tbh


250ml fruit juice a day.
250ml kombucha a day
The rest is water

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The juice ain’t worth the squeeze


I find this quite beautiful


Zero juice. Too sugary, I’m sweet enough as it is babes.


I do sometimes worry that it’s a bit ascetic.

I have orange diluting juice with my tea.

To clarify, is that with your evening meal, or in a cuppa?

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My evening meal.


I have a small glass of fruit juice every other morning but otherwise I only really drink water, coffee and booze.

I try not to drink too much flavoured stuff because I really enjoy the sensation of gulping liquid down my throat and find sweet drinks really moreish so end up having loads.

diluting orange juice 1 part to 3 parts water is good

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That would give me heartburn.

how come?

it’s just kinda flavoured water

don’t think I really know what heartburn is :frowning:

I used to 50/50 it when I was young and wondered why adults would wince (not being snarky) and tried it recently and understood why. So, so strong haha. One small sip made me even more thirsty.

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we are talking about juice here and not like squash/concentrate right?

stomach acid rising a bit, causing pain in the chest and stuff
usually means you’ve eaten too quickly

I think maybe I get that when I eat stuff too fast but it just doesn’t bother me much

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