How's your juice consumption?

One glass with lunch, followed by one glass with dinner (except weekends, when juice is sometimes replaced by wine or beer at dinner time).

Current jam:

Always real juice, not squash, obviously.



only 25 indie points on offer for squash hot takes this evening but well done! :wink:

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Mostly with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

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2L of Pepsi Max a day, thanks.

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quite low, I think the few months I spent working with the fruit juice lobby put me off for life and actually made me afraid to drink it because of all the sugar, which is hilarious because I mainline diet coke like it’s going out of fashion.

Sainsbury’s made a lovely pineapple, lemongrass and ginger fruit juice around 7-10 years ago, that was discontinued. Tried mixing those three ingredients in a glass to make my own, wasn’t the same. Can’t go back.

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Aye, probably 3 pints of diluting juice a day. Apple and strawberry, no added sugar. I have it pretty weak. Maybe a centimeter of the juice in a pint glass.

Despite the fact tap water here is, by all accounts, fantastic I’ve just never been able to get into water.

I don’t drink tea or coffee. Not for any particular reason, just seems a faff. Have maybe a cup of tea once a year max.

I’ve got a juicer and let me tell you, guessing the amount of juice produced by various vegetables is highly entertaining!

Cleaning the juicer is less entertaining.

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We call it dilute over here, not heard “diluting juice” before

I love juice. Feel distraught if we don’t have dilute juice in the flat. Currently got some robinsons orange and pineapple but am also partial to:

  • robinsons fruit creation orange and mango
  • Ribena

Not drinking at the moment so I’ve also gone a bit crazy for fizzy juice. Got four different types in the fridge at the moment:

Cawstons rhubarb
San Pelly - the orange one
M&S peach and something
M&S really fancy fizzy juice in a wine bottle

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Yes indeed. Two nice drinks and then fifteen minutes of washing up.

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I take it you’re all putting a touch of washing up liquid and water into your juicer then switching it on for a few seconds to clean it?