How's your laugh?

What type of laugher are you? Has it changed over time?

Usually I’m a giggler, but have noticed lately that it’s evolved into more of like a muttley-esque chuckle. Quite into it for now but not sure it’s gonna stick.

examples encouraged but i must stress there must be no fake laughter in this thread. nobody need to hear that.

  • CWBAFT!!!11111 lol

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it me


laugh quite loudly with other people which i feel like is an accidental affectation i have developed in the last 10 years or so

sometimes do it and then realise the thing they said wasn’t that funny and i look like a knob

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I’ve got a really embarrassing giggle, which I love, but sometimes I’ve got like a huh huh huh huh thing that’s a bit more annoying than I’d like.

Dunno really. I imagine it’s like your voice and unless it’s played back to you as a recording you have no idea what it really sounds like. Probably more annoying than I realise.

volume - solid but not too overpowering and affected 7/10
tone - good matches up with my voice, no unexpected quirks 8/10
frequency - probably laugh a little less than I should but I’m not a joyless husk 5/10

overall: 7/10

Really quite loud

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Either a boisterous “Hur-hur-hur!!” or recently a full snort

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Me and mate at uni used to do this loads. Beat years of our lives

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i did a snort the other day, very out of character. i felt a bit embarrassed.

Big fucking loud laugher. When I get going I’m apt to be surrounded by people going from :joy: to :grimacing: as a result


normal but occasionally descends into maniacal muttley-esque saliva heavy cackle fests. that’s when you know it’s a good one. cry with laughter a lot too

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Loud cackle

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Yep I do this exact same thing. My ‘natural’ laugh, like when I’m alone and find something funny is quiet but when with other people it’s definitely louder and sometimes more enthusiastic than is appropriate.

Oh and also giggle quite a bit, also loudly

I’m a giggler, as most of you well know


and a lovely giggle it is too

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Quite a distinctive high pitched laugh that people seem to be able to recognise from a long way away once they know me. Have also developed a blurting HAA for things that tickle me unexpectedly.