How's Your Lockdown Been?

First couple of weeks (7.5 out of 10)

  • All normality out of the window
  • Booze every day starting at 5pm
  • Only exercise - walking the dog 3 times a day

Week 3 (4 out of 10)

  • Real downer
  • Missed going out, missed exercise/badminton, missed seeing my other half

Weeks 4 - 6 (8 out of 10)

  • Snapped out of the downward curve
  • Started riding bike 3/4 times a week for 30-40 mins
  • Broke the rules and visited my TV on her birthday (sue me)
  • Found some kind of regular, manageable routine

Currently (8 out of 10)

  • Getting impatient now
  • Really ready to start doing more regular stuff

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It’s basically been the same as normal, what with still working, and being busier than normal. I have found that my MH has suffered quite a lot as it’s progressed. Just relentless drudgery and no way of breaking it up with family visits or days out.


Yeah fine. Can’t complain.


long and fine - not seen anyone or broke any rules


Very similar to yours - started off great for a few weeks, really motivated and pushing to make things work. Then I ran out of medication and went through a patch of withdrawal, everything lost steam and started falling apart, broke my elbow and have been digging back up to my current point of, I reckon, about an 8 on the scale. I went out earlier with the kid and we had a really nice time, we’ve done some activities here, I’ve done some work, it’s all okay and I’m now quite relaxed. Can’t say the same for my partner, but we’ve been trying to make things go easier for everyone and I think my being in a good place is very helpful for that (hopefully)

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not leaving the house has really amplified a lot of my obsessions and anxieties, I’m not sure how seriously to take my opinions on anything anymore as I can’t trust myself.

Physically it hasn’t been bad really and I know many have it worse so I’m not trying to complain sorry


Week 1-3

  • proper rollercoaster of emotions swinging from this is the end of the world to this will all be fine
  • properly nailed sleep, exercise and diet

Week 4-7

  • my job ended and I had a four week gap, all routine went out the window and I ended up binging Netflix and chocolate. Went to bed at 4am most days

Weeks 8 -

  • managed to claw back a routine when I started a new job
  • can feel myself being a bit more lax in some situations (but I was pretty uptight before)

Overall I have had it pretty good. Lost a job I was supposed to start because of covid but managed to get a backup. Work has been pretty quiet so far. Haven’t had any kids to look after. No one close to me has got ill. In the grand scheme of things I think I’m one of the lucky ones. Not being able to see anyone has been tough, plus I think I’m being a bit more anxious than most over interactions, but overall that’s not so bad is it?

(Think I experienced the stages of grief (denial, anger etc) in the first month)


Really been fine except for not being able to see my baby nephew.


It’s been fine especially as the weather has been great. If I was cooped up indoors with the family it would be pretty tough. Work has been intermittently rough. Only left the house for one click and collect and a battery charging drive.

Could be much, much worse.

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^This is probably a good summary for a lot of people, including me


We moved house the day before lockdown so the timing has been interesting. New house is a wreck and we haven’t been able to get any work done aside from absolute essentials (ie to address the lack of running water downstairs and electricity upstairs :+1::rofl::scream:). That said, provides plenty of time for decorating.

Kids have coped surprisingly well. Oldest (7) misses her mates but is now the master of Zoom/WhatsApp play dates. Youngest (4) is fine so long as he has his big sister to play with. Home schooling has gone…ok. Don’t think I’m going to re-train as a teacher when this is over tbh tbf. The TV is busier than ever with her job, but I’m self employed so am taking time off which had been a godsend. It’s pretty much just been a slightly weird summer holidays for the kids I think. Weather has not hurt either - can’t remember a Spring with such consistently great weather.

Have some down days, and am constantly worried about my nan who is 96 and in a care home. Plus had some close friends with young kids both incapacitated by covid19 and it really hurts not being to help in any way. Definitely drank too much in the early weeks, but have settled down on that front recently. On the plus side, have learnt how to refill printer cartridges with a hypodermic syringe, so it’s not been a complete write-off…


absolutely fine tbh

haven’t been in a supermarket for 10 weeks which is never a bad thing imho


It’s been pretty tough living in shared accommodation without an outside space. I’ve pretty much spent 2 months in my bedroom and it’s certainly had a negative affect on mental and physical health. Going into work in an unsafe environment and the push back against that’s been pretty stressful (although nowhere near the same scale as millions of others).

On the other hand, I’ve not been seriously impacted financially. My friends and family haven’t suffered any serious health issues so I’m complacent that it could have been a lot worse.


To begin with, it was really very bad because it was a shake up to all the plans (not just to meeting up with friends and gigs, but to stuff like eating chips on my own and watching a film on a Saturday) which tends to mess me up a bit. Paired with some guilt, over WFH’ing and furlough when other people aren’t able to have those safety nets – and the tension between being grateful for the additional safety net of living at home, and being (in my mind) a bit petulant about wanting more space and the uncertainty of when I’d even be able to start thinking about moving out, etc.

It’s generally been OK though – kept myself sane with long walks, zoom calls, watching TV with the parents after being able to wrangle myself some just “me” time (not necessarily a wanking reference), doing the odd bit of writing and music and applying for more interesting jobs, etc. Also watching an absolute shitload of films and gaming and stuff.

Loneliness and anxiety rears its head, though it would have done that anyway (but not as strongly admittedly). It’s the politics that pissed me off more than anything. Absolutely fuck the Tories and anyone who has a good word to say about this shower of irredeemable cunts.


I’m wfh still, so luckily not been financially impacted so far (apart from the company delaying pay rises we were supposed to get).

I’m shielding, so the lack of walking/cycling is getting to me a bit, doing some home workouts but it’s not the same.

Weird cross of missing my family/friends, but also feeling that all the video/phone calls are a bit too much. Want to hug somebody though, or even sit near someone, lack of general physical contact is crap.

Feel like I’m getting pretty good at that Call of Duty Warzone thing, after being historically terrible at things like that.

Haven’t started work on my debut album yet despite this obviously being the only time in my life when I might actually do it.

Pretty much fine really, I’m quite lucky.

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Can’t complain. Done a bunch of music stuff, done some bits around the house, watched loads of films. Put on loads of weight though. And I miss everybody. And I’m fucking sick of quizzes.

Turns out I can complain. Still blessed in the grand scheme of things though.

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Exactly the same really as in not a lot has changed. Working in NHS procurement the initial phase of the lockdown was manic, although it has calmed down a lot over the course of the last month, but we’re still busier than normal for obvious reasons. Partner has struggled a bit, especially as she only started a new job before the outbreak. Both loving relaxing weekends but both missing family.

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It’s been fine on the whole, bar the odd wobble - I am starting to find the length of it all, with absolutely nothing noteworthy to signify anything that’s passed, or anything to look forward to in the short-medium term a bit depressing though.

Fucking hate anyone with a garden.


From the Friday before lockdown, well the Friday before that massive crushing anxiety. Day of lockdown announcement massive panic attack told work to do one after sitting next to someone all day who was coughing after coming back from Cyprus 1 week prior (they ended up self isolating for the full 2 weeks) and raising concerns with management who didn’t give a shit. 1st day of lockdown even more anxiety because after trying to get a sick note got told that the NHS had something through to say that they weren’t giving out sicknotes for it. Day 2 started to look after my son and continue for the next 3 weeks. Then went back into work sort of became numb to it all now after not seeing anyone but, people at work and my wife and son I’m fine.

As I said at the time my anxiety was never about me getting it, it was me getting it and passing it on to my parents, or my wife’s parents or my son (wife works for the NHS so me and her had sort of made peace with her getting it in February).

basically started off awful then a mixture of good weather and having a garden and having someone who didn’t know what the fuck is going on meant it ended up being fine. That Friday before lockdown though was fucking awful felt like the end of the world.


She is my favourite too, much better than Miss World.