How's your love life DiS?


You can use pictures to explain if they are hot or amusing

24/8/17 Thursday thread




i wish i’d stayed single for most of my 20s


Same as last time we had this, largely fine but with an impending sense of doom over the vastly different aims between us in the next couple of years…


Good thanks. I have managed to keep things fresh by displaying my awning skills.


I did, and I didn’t really enjoy it, tbh.




in conclusion: there’s nothing to enjoy


I track my wife’s movements on an app.

Friday Stats Check

married for 6 years and borderline non-existent at the moment :cry:


Bit up and down to be honest.


I’m two years into a crush on someone I never see. Makes me feel like a total weirdo that I like someone so much that I’ve hardly talked to, but she is the coolest/kindest person, and has said some really nice things to me. It’s actually quite painful.


Decent. Need to find a job soon and settle into a routine in a new city, but apart from that it’s good thanks m8


finished (by mutual agreement) with someone I was seeing for nearly 3 months the other day

It was by far the most civilised break up I have ever had - we just wanted different things

Not sure whether to dive straight back into dating or hang back. Should probably hang back


Single and relatively content with it; occasionally bone my ex, but not often enough to be crying about wanting him back, or to feel guilty if I were to get off with someone else. (Not that that’s really happened.)


Massive crush on a girl at work, who I’ve quickly become really good friends with. She’s absolutely incredible. Far too anxious to do anything about it :frowning:


even playas like marckee wish they could have fucked more people. grass is (was) always greener innit.


I have dished out likes to all the happy ones.

I would like to offer a warm hug to the unhappy ones.

And encouragement to the nervous ones.

Great #content team


Recently split with my fiancee, so I think I need to spend some time remembering what being single is like! Also creating a lot of anxiety about being 31 and suddenly having a lot more uncertainty about what the future holds.

I’m not sure what picture would accompany that, really.