How's your love life DiS?


Matched with this girl on okcupid

Didn’t say anything, obviously. She’s deleted her account now.


Also messaged Grace Blakeley on Hinge once lol. Absolutely no chance, though I guess she’s not particularly my type whatever that is


She is a great Loreen/Winkelman mash-up


Not sure who those people are but just found the one she put on her profile, quite like this actually


Ok I think I discovered that even when speaking to really nice funny and interesting people I can’t really be bothered. Oops. Might be a winter thing don’t want to have to go out meeting people at the mo.


Met someone for the third time last night. It’s lovely, she is totally on the same page as me, I feel at ease chatting with her and there is absolutely no pressure at all.

After dinner, (we went for a Turkish), when the waitress brought the bill there were two mints on the little silver tray. ‘Oh, great, a mint,’ I said. Then I watched aghast as she poured a little water on them and they got bigger before my eyes. I then realised they were marshmallows. ‘I’ve never actually seen a marshmallow do that before!’ I exclaimed before picking one up and popping it in my mouth, wondering why there was such an amused glance on her face.

Of course, it was a little flannel for wiping one’s hands, wasn’t it… :roll_eyes::sob:

‘It was behaving like a tampon’ my date said in fits, ‘I wondered why you were about to put it in your mouth!’

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Why would you get an after dinner marshmallow?

This has done me.


Well, I did think it was a little unusual, but never one to look a gift-horse in the mouth, and all that. Been a long time since I’d eaten Turkish…


Woah the singer songwriter Grace Blakeley??


I’m with you, if in doubt try and eat it


one of the best things I’ve read on here :smiley:


Amazing scenes. Reminded me that once a work colleague of my dad’s accidentally used a crispy duck-style pancake as a face towel out of one of those bamboo steamers when he went to a Chinese restaurant for the first time :+1::grinning:


“It was behaving like a tampon.”


yeah that’s a much weirder thing to say than the marshmallow thing




oh man !


deleted my match and tinder accounts. It’s getting serious :slight_smile:




What happens if you eat it when it’s mint sized :open_mouth:


that’s how magicians do that trick where they pull all the hankies out of their throat