How's your love life DiS?


good luck. remember that you’re also a total babe as well!



I had quite a few matches recently on Bumble, NONE of whom messaged me


thank you :slight_smile: x

I just need to take it easy. let it grow. not say all the words at once. it’s so scary in these very early stages when you’re talking to someone who seems potentially someone special.


yeah @dingaling you are very cute and sexy (hope you don’t mind me saying that)


Hypothetical question, when someone you like likes some really old Facebook posts of yours, is that a good sign, or is it the mark that you are a deluded obsessive sadcase to even think it might be


I’d personally be elated but I fall far more under the category of

than many others


That is my natural disposition too but because I’m quite aware of it I over compensate in the other direction which means I have no handle on anything


My current theory is it was a Facebook glitch


It’s at least an opportunity/invitation to chat to them


thinking about it, my belief I overcompensate too far in the opposite direction is probably actually just an additional layer to my deluded/obsessive/sadcase disposition


hadn’t received a message for a WHOLE DAY o no, and even though I have been through much longer waits with other girls (…girl) and could rationally see that she would probably get round to replying eventually, I’m feeling vulnerable rn and have been feeling a bit rubbish today. so… doomy, brooding sadness, self-loathing, hi guys.

anyway. I went out to play football with a friend and some other people, then went off into town for a gig with @andyvine :heart:, and right after his friend’s mint band finished their brilliant set, [bzzzt], I get this really long and amazing message from her about her day.

ahhh. she’s fucking ace. so weird and so cool. v. excited about this one.


and another message from another beautiful match, although this one was just “hi [waves]”. but she does seem cool from her profile, and best not to put all my eggs in one basket, so…


If sitcoms have taught me nothing else, and they really haven’t, you should be very careful not to get the two girls mixed up.



definitely not a good idea to start talking to the second girl about roadkill squirrels. she might not be as into all of that.



so… me and this girl are already following each other on Insta and Spotify. progress, right? good ways to get an idea of who someone is, I reckon.

we talked quite a bit last night, after messaging being sporadic initially. I was worried she might be too cool, or I might have gone with the out-there stuff too much, but she’s really sweet actually, and our chat last night was pretty varied.

messaged her a song today, which she thought was beautiful, plus we both added a few to a collaborative playlist. also we’ve liked each other’s posts on Insta.

not messaged yet because I’ve not had a great mh day. but she happens to seem really on the same kind of level with regards to mental health. like… I know she’d understand and would be good to talk to about it.

think I’ll ask how her day’s been. just go with it. be fun, be sweet. etc.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but before I met my wife I was casually seeing two girls called Vicky. They didn’t officially know about each other but were both on Facebook.

Vicky One did not take kindly to being dumped for Vicky Two and sent (I think) some weird messages to her. This ended the relationship with Vicky Two.

That’s the end of The Tale of Two Vickys. Best of times; worst of times etc.


Had a dream again from which I’ve woken to mega loneliness feelings. Stupid mind.


My lady met my sister last night, and it went really well. Afterwards, my sister said it’s great to see me so happy.



good for you MrS

whenever i see you’ve made a post in this thread i have to open it with my eyes behind my fingers :smiley:
glad that’s changed