How's your love life DiS?


So non-existent right now that I’m amazed I’ve ever been banged let alone had any kind of relationship. Like it feels there’s an insurmountable ocean of inadequacy between me and any potential love life, it’s just not going to happen ever.


I’ve just split up with my girlfriend on Monday.

I ended it, hadn’t been going well for a while, lots of arguments over what felt like quite trivial things, think we’d both become weary to it really. She’s upset that I’ve ended it but she knows deep down it’s for the best. I think (and hope) we become mates again in time, she’s fucking great and when we are getting on it’s awesome.

Gonna enjoy being single again, not for laddy reasons, more I’m out of what was feeling quite toxic for a while and can see my friends even more, focus on music etc.


sorry to hear that. Hope you’re doing ok.


in laws are coming to stay this weekend so I’m clearing out and staying somewhere else. Don’t think I could handle seeing them at the moment. House being valued next week for potential sale. All very distressing and horrible. Still can’t get my head around what’s happening. Kids are starting to blame there mum for whats happening (she told them it was her decision to end our marriage)


Really sorry to read about everything RR. Loads of others have articulated things better than I could, but just wanted to remind you to try and avoid getting drawn into the blame game if possible. If the kids want to do it then fine, but the last thing you’ll want is for things to go even more sour because “he’s turned the kids against me”. Again, others on here probably have some clearer advice on this from first hand experience than I do.

Look after yourself fella. x


oh yeah I know. I haven’t once said anything that would influence them. She’s done it to herself.


Ah dude I’m okay, just seen what you’re going through can’t imagine how tough that is.


yeah its pretty tough, I won’t lie :frowning:


got her number!





Is this a DiSer?


Yes it will.

I’m saying this so that maybe something will happen for me too.


no it isn’t! I am sometimes able to meet girls in IRL life

she’s really cool, I think DiSers would like her a lot


would be quite funny if you posted that stuff above knowing she’d read it.

maybe? I’m not sure now I’ve written that out


I was thinking I should put myself out there more but I don’t really understand what that would mean beyond kind of jutting my shoulders more forward


I think so? when I was going out with [a DiSer], that would have been a funny thing to do.

I was never sure who knew and who didn’t know we were going out, so playing around with that? shabs.


Hate how I suddenly get real miserable about this before bed. Stop being a diiiiiiick



Do you look like your partner?




Much attractive peoples. Also good tie-clutch interface :+1: