How's your love life DiS?



Don’t do Vegas. I can only think of that god awful Don’t Tell The Bride where they got married in Vegas.

We’re going to Niagara Falls next month and i’m going to ““JOKINGLY”” suggest this:



DO IT!!!

I guess we didn’t technically ‘elope’ cos our families and some friends knew, but I don’t regret getting married without any other fuckers around one bit.


My sister and her husband went to Cyprus (I think) and did this.

She couldn’t really be bothered with the politics of organising a wedding and he just went along with it.

Go on holiday single and come back married.


The big issue is that we are both from hugely different cultural backgrounds (me: indian, her: congolese/irish (yup)), and both do weddings BIG, but differently. Basically, someones family (or even worse, both families) is/are going to feel like they didnt get to do the wedding their way, so urgghhhhh



Ah that must be difficult, our decision was more a matter of geography (UK vs US), but we went with what we thought would make the two of us happy. So we had the wedding for ourselves and two big parties for the friends and families.



I might start going on dates like they do in those films.


I’m the largest housemate so any trouble and I’ll simply eat the others.


Like in a restaurant with wine and wearing suits?




Having been on a date, I do really want to go on another one. ROLL ON 2043


HI! I haven’t been wasting enough time on the internet. I’m going to make a concerted effort to be on here more.


Yes. Please do!


I haven’t been on any dates but I did threaten to flush my estranged wife’s wedding ring down the toilet last night. Not my finest hour.


Just remembered the last date I went on (November 2017) after we had one drink I said I was now going to leave, she said something like “oh, are you bored already” I mumbled something non-committal and ended stating for another drink in awkward semi-silence, kill me now.

yes, I was in fact bored already


Yesterday I watched the episode of Friends where Joey takes Rachael on a date and that was stressful enough, tbh.


Steady on.


I always think I’d be more inclined to date if this was acceptable behaviour. Do I want to spend a whole evening with someone I do not care for? No. No I do not.


Sign up for First Dates!


Good man. My ex flat mate not so long ago moved back in, so far so good! :grinning: