How's your love life DiS?


Oh sure. I was wondering what would make the whole thing less stressful. Bingo.


Bingo would actually make the whole thing less stressful, actually…



Well of course.

(I’m not doing this)


Been on one date ever. Hideous tbh


That ep of don’t tell the bride is one of the best things ever.


The Vegas one and the muscle Beach one are both perfect television


Same but replace hideous with nice but kind of very awkward probably


Btw - FIVE days ago


Can you give me the name of your genie please?


Was that the episode where he didn’t have enough money to invite the bride’s own brother to the wedding in the end? If so, the groom was a friend-of-a-friend of mine (I’ve met him a couple of times, but a year or two before he was on the programme). When they got married my friend said she had a feeling they would be divorced within two years because he was such a notorious twit. I don’t think they even made it that long!


Yes!! That’s the one! Where the sister then went “well if our brother can’t come, I ain’t going” And it was just the couple, the best man and both their parents. He basically just paid for a v glorious stag do with the wedding money.

Hardly surprising really! Amazing tho!


All I did was sneak into @mistersteve’s house while he was sleeping and rub myself up against him.


Niagara Falls are really small. Are you doing the boat/walk behind the falls?
If you get chance while you’re in that part of Canada, do a vineyard tour. Canadian wine is pretty decent - iirc the white wines are best - and ice wine is lovely if you fancy a dessert wine.


Fomo but for a fundamental part of th human experience


Not sure why I liked this. Is this why I woke up sticky and smelling of fear?


Looks like I’m on the verge of accepting money from my ‘wife’ to leave the house. Half the equity. Trying to find somewhere I like to rent is horrendous though. We have a really nice house that we’ve done work to and the thought of leaving it is scaring me to death. Also living on my own is not a nice thought. Don’t think I’ve ever lived on my own and I’m 42.


Don’t worry, it’s surprisingly great.


That sucks dude, but you could find that a clean break is for the best, and a change of scene could be a real positive. Living alone for a while can be freeing, too; it knocks you out of your routines and you can end up doing loads of stuff you wouldnt otherwise. Hope it all works out.


Watching NHL at 4AM – guilt free.


I know I have to get my head around it all at some point. It’s just massively daunting.