How's your love life DiS?


I’d always just see my bf on a Wednesday and a Saturday and that was usually it. It worked out perfectly for us cause we both like to do our own thing. Now we live together…it’s the same. Hardly see each other before 8pm most nights :smiley:


Massively important part of any relationship. We do a lot of stuff together, but also spend a bit of the week apart from each other. You end up being suffocated otherwise surely.


I just goto jealous at a couple being all coupley in public while I was listening to William Basinski and drafting an email to the uni counsellor about possible social anxiety like a true DiSer


I actually got this anxiety when I was watching a gig with my friends who are also a couple. they were being coupley very near by, and I felt totally trapped in a prism of loneliness, insecurity, unfulfillable longing and etc. and other gig goers. and music.


I feel cheated that romance is not what the sonic youth dirty boots video led me to believe


This is one of the reasons going to gigs alone is so hard for me.
I used to drag my ex to see bands (she couldn’t complain, she got to see the 2nd to last ever Texas Is The Reason show) and it was cool to be hanging out together in a different setting. Now when It’s a case of just killing time before / in between sets, seeing couples doing that makes me miss it.


Solo gigs are a lot easier since smartphones!


True, but I get no signal at all in Gorilla.




I got this at the gig last night was surrounded by couples being all coupley. Tried my best to ignore it, thankfully I felt like Angel Olsen was on my side singing about lost love and loneliness, like she was saying ‘fuck those guys, we aren’t all happy’.


I mentally raise my hand when she sings “are you lonely too? HIGH FIVE”


Totally going to start doing that too now :grinning:


JFC man


started an okcupid profile yesterday. it went pretty well - I gave up after about 3 minutes when I couldn’t find any pictures of me I didn’t hate


yeah, that would help.

like, at YLT the other night… I mean, married couple in the band. c’mon guys.


you have a killer jawline and gorgeous hair. among other things. it’s all in your mind, dude.


Loading up Ableton on my laptop at the library in a vain attempt to impress any library crushes who may pass by

I truly am a cool man


An attrative just smiled at me and it’s improved this protracted evening threefold. I know it wasn’t someone behind me cause I checked immediately


Ableton Love


He was heycutie.wav but her family were strictly .aiff