How's your love life DiS?


really wish somebody fancied me because of music and stuff.

Well for any reason really


we all fancy you afaik


aw bless!

Well in real life it’s difficult because you have to have money and a car and stuff




just been for a lunchtime date with a woman off of Hinge

went pretty well, looks like we are meeting for a drink next week


Slightly misread that


The housemate thing has been nipped in the bud. Back to crushing loneliness but looking forward to watching porn in my room with wild abandon again.


oh man. Short but sweet I guess.


It’s for the best. Last time I got involved with a housemate I had my heart broken and the time before that I sort of broke someone else’s heart. Never works out well.


things have taken an unexpectedly early turn for the sexy with this 'un.

now I just have to remember how to be sexy.


Really struggling today. in the space of a few hours I’ve gone from hating her to being desperately sad about what I’m losing. Trying to hold it together in work. Again.


I mean you know deep inside that couple totally loathe each other right


Wouldn’t it be great to just meet someone who thinks you’re really cool? Love a good ego stroking!


Normally idgaf about being single but the nice weather makes it harder, and I’m too old for this:

But anyway I’m an anxious mess/boring/the opposite of a catch so idk :sleepy:


I keep waking up thinking it’s weird that a girl would want to be talking to me and having to kind of… remind myself what a confident and sexy person might be like, and somehow try and be one.

defs wanting to frolic through a meadow holding hands or something. might happen?? the girl I’m talking to is well up for outdoorsy things.


Oh, aye?



actually, doing the maths of things she has said to me, probably yes to that also


Have been doing the whole one night stand thing for a couple of months, met someone who seems really cool now though so hoping that leads to something


I don’t want to rewatch this episode / clip bc I feel like it’ll be too close to home

also I was going to say “preach” with regards to yr last sentence, but I’d need to specify that I’m saying I am that, not just randomly calling you a lamer (based on the online representation of you, you probably aren’t a lamer)


starting to accept that I might be celibate

I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship, but ultimately it doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle choices, but that’s fine.

I mean, it’s 4am, I’m sat in my room drinking alone, and I’m having a good time frankly. This is what I like doing.

I’m not sure I’d be able to get away with this if I was living with someone.