How's your love life DiS?


and I always tend to fancy posh tories who are way out of my league anyway


Tories are not out of anyone’s league EVER, don’t think like that.


kinda want to meet and shag a nice girl


Kinda hoping my Bumble match will message this time round


The girl who messaged me on OKC has finally been back online!

But she didn’t message me back.

Oh, maaaaaaan


someone cute showed sexual interest in me unexpectedly and because i wasn’t sure if he was serious/my love life is ~complicated~ i didn’t do anything about it but now i’m realyl up for it (not sure how much is because it’s summer and how much is because i just want to get my numbers up and try some people on)

but, as usual… 200 miles away :blush:

can we just import some proper northerners to Tunbridge Wells? seriously. please. [actually he’s not even northern, he just lives up north. FFS]


So there’s a girl I’ve been friends with for years and years and last summer we nearly got together but as I was taken at the time it didn’t happen, and now I’m back in town we’ve been hanging out and have made out a couple times and she has told me she’s is still into me but doesn’t want to do anything right now but it’s getting quite hard to hang out with her at times because I’m really into her but she keeps knocking me back from sex or whatever and then I just feel shit afterwards… don’t really know what to do about it. I don’t really want to jump straight back into a relationship (and neither does she either with me or at all idk) but it’s starting to get to me a bit just I really enjoy spending time with her but a couple times now feel rejected and embarrassed and blah


does it have to be such a binary decision? can you maybe just make it clear that you like here and want to have sex and stuff but dont want a committed relationship?


Do you go in with the honest “I am easily irritated by people and you should be aware this might be short-lived” or something similar?

Not a judgement just interested really how you approach this sort of thing. I think knowing how irritating I can be was always a big issue for my confidence around women when I was single and obviously all of these things are so fucking magnified by the intense pressure of a date.


Not quite sure what I meant way back in January but…I think what I meant was I don’t easily fall for people (you know how some people can move from one person to the next) I need butterflies otherwise I’m not really interested.


Ah yeah, the spark.

The depressing ones were those with half the spark: sexual compatibility but no personality match or vice versa. And obviously those times you clearly failed to match up to someone else for the same reason :frowning:


gee thanks theo for liking one of my old miserable posts! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the same as @laelfy as well. It takes a lot for me to want to be with someone romantically and unlike many I can’t be physical with anyone who I don’t already feel something for, even if it’s just making out. Sex is completely out. It’s why I hate online dating, it’s a complete waste of time.




I mean I kind of have mentioned this already, and at those times she seems fine with it, but there have been two instances now (admittedly at the end of nights out after a few drinks) where that would seem to be logical next step but to quote her from this weekend she said “it would just complicate things” which I don’t really understand (not really had the chance to get her to clarify that yet) but it is kinda frustrating.

In her defence and own words, she’s a very anxious person, and I really don’t want to come off as pressuring her or being desperate/needy so I get it’s a bit precarious given we are good friends and that, but it’s also hard to ignore this very primal urge when I’m around her (especially given I turned her down before and sort of regret it) when things seem to be going well between us. I don’t know, I guess I just shouldn’t care but unfortunately I do.


Had a dream in which a relationship was developing, woke up and realised it was all just a dream. Went back to sleep and it literally happened again (though, in fairness, the second “plotline” was far more crudely presented).

I’m trying to interpret my dreams to decipher just what cryptic message they’re trying to tell me about how my love life is going.





you know when you send someone a message explicitly asking if they want to go on a date and then you get loads of adrenaline/anxiety? yeah that (will report back)




I have a date on Monday but apart from that still barren

Anyone want to go on a date with me, or set me up with their friends?


my love life is totally hopelessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn