How's your love life DiS?


I do feel some days like my only hope is to get a sandwich board with this written on it


Can I borrow it when you’re done?


that’s a very optimistic “when”


You should do this, it might go viral and then the offers will be flooding in


HEY by the end of the week I’d probably be literally viral


no reply having been sending messages every couple of hours before and she has been online this afternoon

hey ho

probably won’t cross paths again for a few months so no awkwardness to worry about


I had something where someone messaged me, I messaged back, then she wasn’t online for about a month. Having been online, she has not responded.



Seeing that picture will never not be heartbreaking :cry:


It seems to be one of those scenes that gets sadder as I get older


my love life is non-existent but it’s ok I know I’m lovely and sexy :slight_smile:


Ah shit not this picture. Melts my heart every time.



@manches-brute - whatever you do, DON’T go to a live television broadcast on your date with the prof.


Recently met someone through a night class who I have felt a real connection with and think she does too, but I have a tendency to ruin everything by leaping in and being too keen to soon, so I’m trying to hold back.

Last week she called me and we talked for an hour or so, she’s a very open person so it got quite personal, it was the first time we have spoken outside of class. People don’t talk on the phone much any more do they? I hear people talk about their phones like they would rather shove them up their arse than actually talk to someone, I don’t get it but there you go. I don’t know if it will go anywhere but it was absolutely fricking lovely.

I feel about 14 right now. When you’re at the age where everyone you know is married with children, and you barely ever meet a single person during the course of your daily life, this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often.


I personally do not enjoy talking on the phone, but the fact you are both phone talkers is a great sign.

Ask her out immediately @billywhizz do not delay


I second this. The only aspect of my love life that I’m not totally pessimistic about rn is the fact that I feel I’m an expert in understanding the regret of not doing this (maybe someday I’ll actually do it if or whenever I meet someone I seriously feel that way about again)


just wanted to share that someone came up to me and used ‘you remind me of Julianne Moore in Magnolia’ as a chat up line yesterday



(I’m 30 years younger than her an probably twice her weight)


I have to admit I have a certain amount of admiration for the mindset that is able to confidently follow through on referencing Magnolia for chat-up purposes


he then told me his wife is ‘basically a lesbian’


Julianne Moore always reminds me of you!


I have less respect for the mindset that references Friends in a chat up context