How's your love life DiS?


She’s just text there and it seems things are cool, hopefully I’ll see her tonight so I can embarrass myself some more!


Turns out this lassie is a reasonably well known indie-pop singer/songwriter here in Denmark. Cool :sweat_smile:



non existant, cheers


I’m neither confirming nor denying this.


What is ‘love life’?


we’re gonna watch a film and hang out her place tomorrow. we’ve been talking all the time since last week.

she’s not in the best place with depression rn, so we won’t be rushing into anything, but she has been clear that the feelings are definitely mutual.

my closest friend and his girlfriend started the same way, in that they were both in a rough place and didn’t feel like dating yet. but they took it easy, kept hanging out and chatting because they really liked each other, and it started to feel right.

I told her that I’m there for her however she wants me to be, and made sure she knew that I really do understand where she is. I’m not in all that different a place myself.


she said, amongst other things, that she thinks I’m hot.

which… :smiley:

I have been feeling better about myself of late, but for someone I’m so totally into to say that to me? :blush:

anyway. yeah. I feel like I need to work on myself, too, so it’s good that we’ve established where we’re at, how we both feel. knowing this for absolutely certain is giving me a lot of strength to start nurturing myself again.


so I was just at this festival in The Netherlands and I’ve had a proper cliched festival romance and now I’m very confused about what to do about it (she lives in Dublin)


fun but


just had a really lovely fun evening with her.

she told me though that she’s still hung up on the person she was dating before.

she really likes me too, but basically has decided not to date either of us because she doesn’t want to hurt either of us

I don’t think this is a completely hopeless situation. she really does like me a lot, has feelings for me. but I feel completely at a loss now.

like, I figure the best thing to do is keep hanging out, be cool, hope that she starts leaning towards me. but that’s not going to happen, is it? good things just don’t happen, ever. there’s always something


I just feel numb. got to cycle home but I can barely even type, let alone walk, let alone cycle


:hugs: <-- please imagine a much more sympathetic version of this because I am not sure what to say right now.


Move to Dublin


we just had a really lovely conversation on Messenger

I think our bond and chemistry is only going to grow, even if she isn’t ready to make that choice yet

tonight felt so great, in so many ways. I just think I have to go with her and keep having fun with her and eventually we’ll be together proper


(M-B gives an updated answer to the question by copying and pasting the lyrics to Nobody by Mitski in the thread)

as you were, etc


Hello, where’s the forever alone thread? I need to find my people


This bit.


What ya gotta do
If ya wanna get a kiss
Is act real smoooth
And make your move like this


Idea to add to bumble profile

“While on a date with me, you reserve the right to select any dog or wolf we may happen to encounter and I will fight it in a hellish interspecies wrestle to the death”

Yea or nay