How's your love life DiS?


this is true, it is weird how being reminded of someone can be distractingly melancholy though


I can’t believe I am in almost exactly the same situation as I was this time last year, except with somebody else as the person who has gone with somebody else. the timing is almost to the day.

she said she would definitely like to be friends, but would have to ask this other person how he feels about that. perhaps that’s what happened to stop me being friends with the girl I was hung up on before.

I can’t be friends with this girl, though. I can’t do that, put my feelings aside. I adore her. it really felt like we were falling for each other before she patched things up with him and checked things between us. it absolutely tears me apart to think of her seeing someone else.

I don’t know how I stop myself from hoping just the same as I did with the other girl, that she comes back to me, single. even though I’ve opted to leave things, not talk or anything, I am just going to fall apart without the hope. but I’ll fall apart hoping all the same.

she asked if I’d spoken to the other guy. we used to be kind of friends. suggested maybe I could repair some of the damage. it wasn’t me that caused this, though. things were up in the air, something started growing between us, but she went back to him. I don’t blame her. she’s going through a hard time. she did mislead me, but she mislead herself as much as anything. it just happened. things just happen.

I can’t bear the thought of even looking at him, let alone talking to him, anyway.

I can’t forget her, but I can’t think of her. I’m just fucking broken and empty again, and I’ve fallen at the last this time, as agonisingly close as I’ve ever come to something proper. just, again, without fruition.


When I’ve gone on dates I’ve always half hidden myself away so it’s more difficult for them to find me.


Physically/Spatially. Not emotionally.


On mine, I was worrying about what stance I should adopt while waiting


And update: my bumble matches don’t message me and I’m still hung up on someone I haven’t seen in almost a year


Getting matches seems pretty impressive


getting matches with people you think you’d like is pretty cool


Just had one of the best first dates I’ve ever had, if not the best.
So, bring on the Italians


Ah mate I’m so sorry, this sounds heartbreaking.

Obviously I’ve never actually met you, but you come across as lovely and genuine (and have the kindest eyes on the boards) and deserving of something special. I hope it comes soon.


I like it when there is good news in this thread :+1:

Obviously more than ok for people to post love life woes - I don’t mean for it to come across like I am saying that is bad, but I feel it kind of gives hope when someone has something go well :slight_smile:


With that in mind, my Dublin girl is coming over for my birthday in a couple weeks, and over the weekend there we committed and told each other we are in love etc. Wild how fast this has moved but it feels fucking great even despite the distance.


That sounds very good, I hope it all works out despite distance. Nice to see you positive after the tough time you had :slight_smile:


I should hope so, I think my posts in this thread are close to becoming a homage to the Disintegration Loops in forum post form


Ended up with two girlfriends and had to end it with one of them for no other reason other than having too many girlfriends. Feel really bad about it.

However I’m also very happy with the one I’m with :slight_smile: (it’s my housemate for anyone who remembers my posts from a few months ago)


properly down in the dumps today. Joined tinder on Saturday. Not a single match. Don’t think I even want to be on it. Miss my wife like crazy.


The very brief time I tried Tinder it was clearly evil. For example the adverts, you would swipe and swipe with no response then suddenly an advert for some hair restoration clinic would engulf your screen. Now my hair is nice and thick but I almost went to the bathroom mirror to check, what a dick Tinder is I advise not touching it.


My good man you have proven to yourself more than once that there are people out there that you find attractive and are compatible with.

This will most likely mean that there are more of them, it may take some time but they are there.

I know it’s not easy (i’ve been there) man you start planning your new life out with this perfect person.

But they weren’t perfect, they are not the one.

Let this one go and focus on continuing to date and have fun. Don’t think of the next one being the LAST one, if they are then perfect and if not then keep going. Yes it’s hard, yes its tiring , yes you should be picky but keep at it.

Take a break if it’s exhausting but don’t give up.

Also try and avoid completely opening yourself up to a new person until there is a little stability. As soon as you open up completely you feel a connection and may almost feel you deserve to be together with this person you have confided in.

I’ve said this before but you’re a good man, kind hearted and interesting.

Let the right person be lucky to find you.


I messaged back one of the Bumble automated message thingies out of desperation once.


got a bit of a crush on one of my friends


i somehow get a lot of matches on tinder but then i never message them. bit of a waste i suppose.

(don’t even have the app anymore but found out you can use it in the browser now)