How's your love life DiS?


Well, it’s over with Dublin girl.


Galway girl?



you’re a babe and a lovely person Severed xx


Thanks DB xo

I suspected as much over the last few days, I’m not sure what happened exactly but I gave her some sort of big enough doubt about us when she was over for my birthday last weekend that she just couldn’t get over, so while I’m gutted it’s at least not a total shock


I mean i do kinda know that it’s about me losing my self confidence because of self esteem issues blah blah and whatever, it’s been a very quick drop from amazing to shite not helped by the distance but I get why she doesn’t feel she can do it

At least I have a gig to let it all out on tonight (New Cross Inn if anyone fancies)


Spent all of Thursday chatting to someone about Xiu Xiu on Tinder, and as soon as I attempted to change the conversation up a bit I get silence.

I’m going to attempt to bring it back through a suggestion that Knife Play is better than Fabulous Muscles.


Toyed with the idea of pasting the lyrics to hi by xiu xiu on a dating profile

Knife play is definitely better, dr troll alone


Knife Play is without a shadow of a doubt the best thing they/he has done to date

Oh this is the social board… oops I’m supposed to say something more than just an opinion on music


I submit


It’s an absolute crime they weren’t in twin peaks the return


my love life is…



Should be a xiu xiu themed dating site



Not as great as my name would suggest


No wait


do you think older people can feel lonely and unloved too?

Kind of feels like it shouldn’t be something you think about when you are over 30.


I’m over 30 and feel like this.


Of course, Bammers.

Love and loneliness doesn’t discriminate by age. Love isn’t a ‘young’ person’s game. Loneliness is, perhaps if anything, an even bigger problem the more you scale the age spectrum.


Yeah I’d have thought it gets worse as you get older. I’m fairly young and not particularly interested in romance or anything like that, but I do feel a bit sad thinking about growing old completely alone.


I should definitely hope that’s true, seeing as I’m nearly thirty, with a very scant “love CV”*.

*idea for some piece of total trash in some medium entitled The Love CV