How's your love life DiS?


There should be like an archive section that is accessible by both people in the relationship but no one else because this always upsets me too. Even if I don’t harbour any feelings at all there’s so many experiences that are nice to look back on done the line and it’s sad that they remove that option but I totally get why they do. Same goes for Spotify playlists! I want to reminisce sometimes!!




yeah, that’d hurt me a lot. as if they’re deleting the memory of you.

I feel that this isn’t uncommon, though? idk. even if a relationship ends well, having all those photos of a past relationship just hanging out there for any future partners to see, it just puts into perspective how odd social media can be.


Yeah, I have seen this happen so many times, even from pals, and it is unacceptable. It’s this weird mental gymnastics that happen (consciously or not) between lying and not telling the truth. Makes me really uncomfortable.


not sure if it’s normal for long distance but me and my gf mainly communicate through whasapp. neither of us like phone calls I guess. does lead to miscommunication and arguments sometimes especially if we haven’t seen eachother in a while but on the plus side we have sent eachother thousands of selfies


a guy I used to see who lives in another city/country has offered to pay for me to go there for a weekend and I dont want to go. I have a feeling he just wants to have sex and not hang out and talk and stuff (based on him forgetting quite a lot of really important things about me/my life, and not really seeming that interested in what I have to say). he is quite insistent that he is happy to be just friends but I feel like he means he’s happy to be just friends and he’s going to keep trying to have sex. working on an email now but I almost don’t want to make it a long, carefully worded thing cause I know it’s ok for me to just say I don’t really want to, and he should respect my wishes. I have ignored emails from him before and have previously indicated that I don’t want to have a romantic relationship with him but he is super persistent. just don’t have a lot of confidence in his ability to listen to what the other person wants.

idk… it’s like he says things like I want to respect your wishes, whatever you want etc etc. but doesn’t really go away. I might have to be really blunt.


Sorry to hear this. Think social media is just a platform of the millennial age and the feelings you are having are entirely understandable. I guess it could be worth considering the different reasons, not least that it upsets her to look at them.

Don’t know what kind of relationship you still have but it may be worth considering a limit on ties on social media. In previous breakups, I’ve found it easier to delete personally.


Find it really strange and a bit concerning when people are super persistent like this. I’d be wary of the big gestures of paying for things as there may be expectations etc that come with it.


Yeah the guy also said he didn’t like that music is made by machines/algorithms these days and that he had an impressive vinyl collection of ‘classic rock’ which I thought was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.


I tried to make the point that most music isn’t made by algorithms or machine learning and also that most music production had always had a non-human element but he kept hitting back with these really pedantic points like the exact year the piano was invented lol.


‘come and see my impressive vinyl collection of classic rock’ sounds like an algorithmic invitation if ever I heard one.


I think he hadn’t even entertained the idea that I like music and know more about it that him




my post was great last night when I mansplained perfect pitch


Haha I don’t think you did :smiley:


How’s the family in Dublin?


Yeah it’s that guy haha

I remembered we even had a discussion once about the Highland Clearances and Scottish history, and how I was flying back to Scotland for my dad’s birthday.

Just can’t imagine how sure of yourself you’d have to be to insist on your excellent ability to recall fact and events if you can’t remember basic stuff.


Anyway thank you guys . I feel less unkind telling him in no uncertain terms that I don’t want to see him.


Scotland is famously known as the capital of machine music tbf


This maybe not everyone’s view but I find the first few dates you go on after a long relationship will always be a bit odd and even the first new relationship is usually a bit like cleansing the pallet or overriding your previous relationship mannerisms. It doesn’t matter when u start dating the journey will be the same. However the quicker you start doing it (within reason) the quicker you mentally start moving in the right direction and start moving along the path of moving on. If this makes sense?