How's your love life DiS?


SO many red flags here. He sounds controlling. Classic tactic to blame your ‘family pressures’ in the hope that you distance yourself from them- does he by any chance see them as a threat?
I know your heart is breaking today, but I don’t think this person is right for you and I really hope you’ll feel happier very soon xx


Can some evil tech person invent a tinder for public transport

Fancying people on trains again


She got off the train

Cest la vie tech industry


Maybe an app like how you pick out seats on a plane- you tap on seat 3A, they get a notification that 27B fancies them and that they want to send you a bag of crisps or a muffin?

We can totally workshop this




I hate absolutely everyone on my train and think they are all a waste of space


Tbf a mate got lucky with a dude on his cruise bc of Grindr


They actually have that I think or used to. my friend met her husband on an app that matches people based on who you walk past in the street.


That’s Happn I think

It’s actually kind of annoying as loads of people are just here for a weekend or whatever. You match and then realise they live 100 miles away


Sounds like a right bell end.


I think tinder is trialing location matches at the moment for people who visit the same bars, libraries, zine workshops, left wing community action groups etc.


rip happn i guess.


Hooked up with someone I shouldn’t have and it’s having some repercussions on my friend group. So stupid, never thought I’d do something like that either so feeling pretty down about myself.


I’m honestly not being flippant at all, and obviously it feels horrible right now, but loads of people (myself included) have done similar and it was totally fine in the end. Bit awkward at first but everyone’ll stop caring soon enough


yeah actually a lot of things that should have been red flags all along that I’d kinda forgotten about

he always wants to have sex in restaurant toilets and took a photo of me naked without asking. he’s a film studies academic and claims to not like any tv shows (except the wire which is just ‘ok’).

gonna have a few glasses of wine then email him some of this :grimacing:




Fuckin hell


Yeah I just never did stupid drunken hookups when I was younger and so I decide to start right when I should be ageing out of it? Good life move haha.

Also obviously it’s my responsibility and I have to face up to any consequences that come, but it’s weird knowing that you’ve done something that you absolutely wouldn’t have done sober. Can’t blame it just on being drunk of course, but it’s strange - how do you square your self-image with the fact that you just did something so unlike yourself …


I think I need to say: I don’t even want to be your friend


Sounds like a pretty gross unlikeable guy, give him hell!