How's your love life DiS?


Yup I totally get what you’re saying but I’m also thinking about Still_here’s feelings too, because that would be killing me not knowing if someone was ok and I’d not tried to do something about it. Although she’s feeling bad herself it doesn’t mean she’s totally allowed to make someone else feel rubbish too. Also If she hasn’t been online and seen his/her messages she might not know he’s/she’s trying to show she cares.


I’d feel very wary about getting her parents involved to be honest. I dunno what the right answer is and can’t speak from experience. Personally I think the note idea makes sense and completely get that you care for her and genuinely want to ensure she’s safe. A note will either get to her, or will be opened by her parents.


i think the note is a good idea, and include your number just in case she’s deleted it or something?

would also mean her parents could get in touch if absolutely necessary - but obviously you can make the note vague enough that it won’t cause them any worry (and by extension, won’t cause her any worry that they’ve seen it)

i can understand that doing nothing isn’t gonna be good for you!


Yeah ok fair enough I get it


You’re not going mad at all, your thought process is entirely reasonable, so don’t worry about that.

From what you’ve written the most likely scenario is that, whatever’s going on, she’s made a conscious decision to go off-grid and doesn’t want to be contacted. This may be MH related, it may not, but it’s likely to be her choice not to be contacted.

Also if something has happened with regards to her mental health then, if she lives with her parents (and I will assume she has a functional relationship with them) then she is already well placed for getting help she needs. From them, and at home.

Of course the worry that this sort of thing causes is real and it can be agonising. But it’s also likely that a) she’s actively chosen to not be contactable, which is her right and b) she’s in a good place to be taken care of if needed.


Ha ok, today I feel pretty shite about this but that’s probably to be expected.

I hung out with an ATD last night though who said a very sweet thing about how “your ability to put yourself out there and meet all these amazing people is incredible, even if you are emotionally wide open, so you will be fine” which was very touching.


So things crashed and burned last night with the person I’ve been seeing. It seemed pretty hopefull at first but got a little odd at the end there.

Think I’m going to take a little break from dating, I’ve been finding it a bit stressful and anxiety inducing and has made it difficult for me to focus on much else


Taking a break from dating really helped me reevaluate a lot stuff a few years back. Was around this time of year so had a nice chilled Christmas leaving me refreshed and reset for the dating life in the new year. Best of luck.


I just deleted my ex off all social media and feel a thousand times better.


I have a crush on a man


Don’t really know whether I’ll actually press submit, but writing it out might help…

Basically I/we haven’t had sex in a while. A lot of that was possibly anxiety related, but after seeing a therapist it turned out that I’d been in a fair bit of pain without realising it.

Six months later and I’ve had a circumcision and I’m just about healed up now. I’m kind of nervous about it all now though.

Ah well.


I know I said I wasn’t going to post in this thread anymore but I’m absolutely bursting at the moment. I’ve met someone really amazing who seems to feel the same about me :slight_smile: it’s early days and I’m trying not to get carried away but she is awesome…


wrong thread


Recently broke up with someone that I knew wasn’t gonna work out with anyway (girls with abandonment issues are just too fucked up), so, to help me get over it and to celebrate my birthday later on in the month, my ex from uni - who I’ve been sleeping with on and off for the past 18 months - has organised a threesome for me next week and then I’ve got a date on Sunday with a lovely Welsh girl I’ve recently met.

Moonwalks out of room, high 5iving everyone


nah, that’s not cool pal


This poster has a strong track record of those kinds of comments.


I don’t know about previous comments but that one is completely unacceptable, particularly on a website where lots of people including ‘girls’ (sic) post about their mental health and offer each other support.

I think @Zygotic should apologise, ask for it to be removed by the @moderators and go away and spend time thinking and learning about why it was a bad thing to say.


Ah, diddums.

I was being slighty facetious, but not much.


nah, that’s really not on