How's your love life DiS?


you’re not in a strong position to be starting an argument with me right now


in the bin.


Honestly, get fucked.


Yeah can you have a think about this one please.


( i am the lady and he is the big man )


ugh. one of my least favourite posts in this history of DiS, right there ^. saying what he said and then bragging about a threesome. rank.


yeah, revolting innit.


moonwalks off of dis


I didn’t even read past the first line at first. I actually can’t believe someone has managed to write something that embarrassing on the internet in 2018


Sashays away


yeah I can hardly read the last line without cringing into a singularity. might never use italics again.



I, too, have had sex with VARIOUS women


In addition to reconsidering your original post, please don’t patronise other users for pointing out how tasteless your comment was. We take mental health very seriously and it’s seriously uncool to mock/speak down to someone who’s speaking from a place of concern for others.


Have any of them organised threesomes for you, though?

Didn’t think so, pal


I’ve had a few twosomes and loads of onesomes though


Big dog*



And fuck Tom Brady


Pretty envious of you rn