How's your love life DiS?


For a couple of years


That’s amazing. How on earth? Surely? How could you not know even beforehand, never mind after literally 5 minutes of talking?


she looked familiar from her profile - but that’s not that unusual, the same people tend to pop up over the years on different apps etc, I genuinely did not click that we had got as far as actually going out before until she mentioned something specific that brought it all back to me


can we get a ‘completed tinder’ badge please mods


How many dates do you have to go on before you start forgetting who you’ve dated?


1, 2 years ago


I think I could remember the only person I went on a date with in the last two years.


To be fair, if I tried think back to when I was properly on the dating wagon a few years ago I’d probably struggle to remember what exactly some of the people I went on dates with looked like or what their names were.

Which sounds appalling but I think is kind of inevitable if you’re going on dates with quite a few people in a short period of time? #thismodernlove


In my times I’ve only ever ‘matched’ with like 4 people. I wonder if I’m too niche.


@PostOfTheDay Can you start this week’s thread please

Edit: Oooh, he actually already did!


Ever had someone too drunk to remember you broke up? New all time low. FML.




I think the universe is telling you you belong together


I decided last night to start taking Tinder seriously. I found some tolerable photos and made a tolerable bio but then I saw that there was an option to choose your ‘anthem’.

What song defines me? What song conveys sophistication and class? What song highlights the complexity of my self, whilst also displaying my yearning to find love and happiness? Something by Sufjan Stevens? Julia Holter maybe? No. It could only ever really be Chelsea Dagger by Never Mind The Pan Pipes.


Quite apart from the problematic stuff, this is such a Jay from the In-Betweeners thing to say that I wonder if he’s promoting a third movie

‘I shagged a bird in the Tower of London!’


feels very

to me


person I like did a podcast episode, made the mistake of listening to it, two hour blast of their personality and my besotted levels are through the roof


link or it didn’t happen


Question(s): someone on the bus just now said to me “the book you’re reading is one of my all time favourites”, and then we started chatting about books until she got off. I thought to myself “wow, that was amazing, I wish I got her number!”, but that’s not really appropriate, is it? She was just being friendly and nice, right?

How do you broach something like that (if you should at all) without it coming across as wildly presumptuous?

Is it fine to ‘feel’ something from an encounter that was actually quite brief? I am absolutely buzzing about it lol


She really likes books huh?

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