How's your love life DiS?


“Hey I really enjoyed talking to you can I have your number?”

Being blasé here but in situations like these you really have nothing to lose.


aside from the respect of the other person and your peers.


This is DEFINITELY not appropriate!


What book was it?


‘the game’


I am an office worker


‘my story’ by Wayne Rooney


Football manager 2019 available from steam and all games retailers from 2nd November 2018 for dummies


A Little Life.

We both talked about how much we cried reading it and then I asked if she had any recommendations and she mentioned two similarly bleak novels that I didn’t quite hear correctly and didn’t ask her to repeat.


picturing a dozen amazon analysts trying to work out the reason for the sudden spike in sales


If it were me I’d get the same bus at the same time every day for the rest of my life, and if I ever saw her again still not talk to her


Hand her a copy of infinite jest if she wants a book to cry at


Social media is a really bad thing when you’re still hung up on someone after an unreasonable amount of time


Yeah it really is terrible, in the past you could just forget and think I was probably just projecting anyway, but nowadays it’s like no here are some constant reminders of how awesome someone is whenever you check your phone


I keep thinking about messaging someone it didn’t work out with recently to see if she might have changed her mind . I probably shouldnt though should I?


I wouldn’t recommend it tbh.


I think this is the advice I will go with, thank you.


Hey now!


I agree completely with this advice

But would never actually follow it



Get back on that bus tomorrow at the same time and definitely ask her out.