How's your love life DiS?


Big part of me is hoping this is a 2010s reboot of the “I fancy this girl at the bus stop” thread from the old boards back in the day


I knew pouring my heart out would result in derision!


Isn’t this essentially Mark and Sophie right at the start of Peep Show?


cwbaft (gerard)


I got a girl’s number after they started chatting to me at a bus stop once, just before they got off (hahaha).

it was strange. I was wearing my green Germany away shirt and a sweatband and other football gear, and the conversation was a bit jokey and odd, but we carried on talking until the bus got there and then sat down together?

texted her a few times. realised kind of quickly that I wasn’t feeling it and just made my excuses.

but it happened, and it was fine.


too complicated ahhhhh why are people so attractive






I seem to be really making my bf laugh a lot at the moment. It’s nice :slight_smile:


Not going great tbqh


Hi Rolf !


Handsome late 40s lad like you? That surprises me.


But hang on, your bio says 7 kids and a steady wife-style relationship. What gives, man?

I dunno what to believe anymore.


Emile really needs to play up the romantic connotations of his real age. 69 Dude!

There’s a bit of the story that’s really bleak:

One of the judges wanted to know what would become of the 20 years that Mr Ratelband wanted to erase. “Who were your parents looking after then? Who was that little boy?”
“My parents are dead”



Reader, I got her number :blush:


Bus stop girl?!?!


why did he have to be called Emile :frowning:


The iceman cometh


Isn’t it a fairly normal European name? I’m sure I remember a book from my childhood called Emile and the Detectives? Or did I make that up?


Yes. Mega chuffed for you man ! great work !